Saturday, January 31, 2004

Briefly speaking

Mom had to go to the emergency room yesterday, so that's been the big news of the past two days. She can't speak above a whisper. It's so sad. So she has laryngitis. I guess there's always a chance it can be something serious. But they took a throat culture and are supposed to have the results tomorrow.

I went over there today. She cooked lunch and my aunt and sister were over there, and they were planning stuff for my sister's wedding. Had to go by work for just a minute today because the computer had wigged out, so I had to straighten that up. Watching the Bama/LSU game right now. Think I'm fixing to head out for some dinner and maybe some pool. We'll see.

Daily funny:
K: "Who's playing in the Super Bowl? The Patriots and Eagles?"
Me: (laughter) "No, the Panthers and Patriots."
K: "Oh, OK. I'm supposed to go to a Super Bowl party tomorrow and I don't even know who's playing."


"I miss your tender voice, at lonely times like now, sayin' it'll be alright. I miss my friend. The one my heart and soul confided in. The one I felt the safest with. The one who knew just what to say, to make me laugh again, and let the light back in. I miss my friend..."

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