Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My apartment smells like a pot-pie (and other pseudo-interesting stuff)

"No Kitty! That's my pot paaaah!!"

That's what I had for dinner last night. Finished up laundry, and put up all my clothes. My least favorite parts of laundry are putting up the clothes, and ironing... ugh. Wow, this entry is off to a rousing start.

I noticed something quite disturbing as I was running last night. There was what looked to be a bottled water bottle, filled with what I guessed to be urine, just lying near the curb. Then a few feet later, there was another one. Is that abnormal? What is the deal? Maybe it wasn't urine. But it was some urine-colored liquid in a bottled-water bottle. I found it a tad disturbing.

What's the most IM's one person has ever sent you without you responding? I got ten last night. lol I thought something was going to work out for billiards in Nashville Friday night, but that's out now.

I keep having this recurring dream. Well, OK, I'm not sure how many times I've had it. You know how sometimes you dream, and it seems like you've dreamed the same thing before, but then when you wake up, you're really not sure if you've dreamed it before or not? No? OK, good. Well, I dreamed that my clothes get chocolate on them, like in the laundry. So I'm thinking I must have sat in some chocolate without knowing and then it got in the wash and it's like all my favorite shirts get clumps of chocolate on them. It's very frustrating. Then I wake up, and all is fine.

Speaking of laundry, I ruined a pair of khaki pants yesterday. They got something blue all over them. No, it wasn't ink. I don't mind doing laundry. It would just be nice to have a female to tell me when I'm doing something wrong, you know? lol Maybe I should just move back home. lol (Cartman-voice) "Mah, can I watch American Gladiators?"

I like hand-washing my vehicle. It reminds me of being back in school and how you'd wash your car every week so that it would look sharp when you went out on the weekend.

The Seinfeld was on last night where Kramer gets gonorrhea. (Well, not really. He pretends to have it so medical students can diagnose him.) lol

K: "Well, I got gonorrhea."
E: "That seems about right."
K: "That's what they gave me."
G: "Who did? The Government?"

Then Jerry pretends to be someone else when calling his girlfriend. That is so freakin' funny:

J: "So uh, how are things with Jerry?"
G/F: "Oh, I really like him but, well I still haven't told him the tractor story."
J: "Right, right, the tractor story."
G/F: "Are you sick, Rafe? You sound kinda funny."
J: "I sound funny?"
G: "Abort! Abort!"
J: "Yeah I better get to a doctor, bye." (hangs up phone) "That was close! What
drives me to take chances like that?"

K, that's all I can think of for now. Work looks like it will be fairly busy today. Had a couple of memos lying out when I got here this morning with extra stuff for me to get done today. Yay!!

"That's about the time that she broke up with me. No one should take themselves so seriously. With many years ahead to fall in love, why would you wish that on me? I never wanna act my age. What's my age again?"

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