Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a good time ringing in the New Year. I did end up in NASHVILLE, and although the original plan was to be back at Kara's by midnight, we ran out of time and would up at the OPRYLAND HOTEL at 12. I took a few pictures of the lights. The prettier ones are outside, of course, and no one was really in the mood to pose for pics in the cold.

Afterwards, wound up back at Shane and Melody's about 1:30. We all watched the video again. They hadn't seen it yet. Got done around 3:30. They said we could spend the night, but we were ready to get back home, so I ended up getting back to my apartment at 5:30 AM. Woke up about 12:30 today. lol

KYLE got a new car--well, a 2003. It's a navy blue Honda Accord. Pretty sharp. I think the Nissan finally died. In other news, I think I'm liking my camera a lot better with these NiMH batteries. It's really not a bad little digicam.

About to write up my annual 2003 recap.

"But you're coming back again. You don't mean to waste my time. But you're coming back so, don't tell me, how to be. Cos I like some suffering. Don't ask me, what I need. I'm just fine, here finding me..."

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