Saturday, January 17, 2004


Just finished a bowl of Apple Jacks... watching Mystery Science Theatre... and blogging...

Last night was a lot o' fun, as K and I decided to head over to H'ville to hang out. Ran by the mall, then I picked up a few things at Old Navy. They were having a winter clearance sale. Next, we decided to go shoot pool at the Jazz Factory. This was my first time to go there. But it was pretty cool. We got a table and shot 6 or 7 games, I think. Played for about an hour. The music was pretty cool, too. The only bad part was that it was like an RJ Reynolds factory in there.

After that, headed back to Applebees for a late dinner. Got there around 11. Sat with Davina. I got her to turn the TV to NBC, so I could see Charlize. Wow! What an outfit! Jessica was working. Shane and Melody were in town, and they came up there, too. We discussed next week's trip to the off-lake house. Tammy is in, so Kyle was jazzed about that. Talked about my appearance on Last Comic Standing. Shane is all like, "You've got some good material." He also brought up the Junior Miss pageant, and asked if they had paid me for helping on that. I informed him that they had not. I had almost forgotten about that. Anyhow, got home about 12:45, I think.

A couple of things happened that disturbed me yesterday. Kyle had never heard of Charlize. Then, a promo for SNL came on, with Jessica Simpson, who is gonna be hosting. And he's like, "Who is that?" lol

A Sein-ism occurred Thursday, as I was eating chips and salsa, and Donna picked up one of my chips to eat and I was like, "Get some salsa." So she dipped in the salsa and I said, "But don't double-dip." That's like putting your mouth in the dip. lol

Today? Well, it's supposed to be rainy. I seriously thought about going down to the basketball game tonight. But I checked online yesterday and it's sold out, and I don't feel like paying forty or fifty bucks apiece to a sca--... uh... to a guy on the street who is selling tickets. lol Might just watch on TV.

A Hot Pockets Pot Pie commercial just came on. lol "No, Kitty, that's my Hot Pockets Pot Pah!"

"I get knocked down, but I get up again, and you're never gonna keep me down..."

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