Saturday, January 03, 2004

Good morning!

Why am I up this early on a Saturday? Got an email from Shane. Apparently missed a good time last night. Ended up just being him, his wife, and four chicks. Poor guy. And he said Daryle Singletary stopped by and sang four songs. I should've driven up there. Oh well. Lesson learned. It's just like whatever plans are made, they always end up getting changed, at least once, if not multiple times. It's frustrating. You rearrange your schedule to make plans, then they get changed. A trip to Nashville is tentatively scheduled for today.

Ended up at Applebees for a little while last night. Sat with Donna. Davina came by to chat for a bit. Had a caesar salad and buffalo wings (still no beef). Ended up being up there for nearly an hour an a half. Bunny called and I talked to her for probably close to half an hour. She is feeling a bit better. Sounds like she had the same bronchitis/pneumonia crap that I had. She has to go back to Virginia tomorrow. I told her if I didn't end up going out of town, we'd try to get together sometime today.

OH! I almost forgot. I ran by Wal-Mart last night, too. There was this cutie checking me out. (Well that didn't sound exactly right... there was this one cutie running the register... lol) She had an I LOVE NY shirt on, so of course, I had to ask if she'd been to NY.

"Feels like you made a mistake. You made somebody's heart break. Now I have to let you go. I have to let you go..."

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