Saturday, January 17, 2004

Analyze This...

Well, since I fell asleep on the couch last night, I didn't rest well. So I laid down for a nap about Noon. And I had this dream:

I was with some friends (though I can't remember which ones now) and we were in a larger city, but we lived there. There was like a fighter jet flying overhead and you could see an intercontinental missile taking off in the distance. So we were going into Wal-Mart, or someplace like Wal-Mart. Once, inside, there were only like 4 or 5 aisles. People were just sort of walking around the outer walls, sort of in a buffet-style line. I remember seeing several people I recognized, but the only one I can remember now is one of our local state senators. lol I remember there was a Christmas room towards the back on the far left. I was examining the items on the shelves, and while I was dreaming, I was thinking to myself, why am I dreaming in such detail? How is all this stuff in my subconscious? And why? So anyhow, I get like three-fourths of the way around the store, and there is like this big bay-door, like where a truck would back in to bring deliveries. So I walk through the door and look up at the sky. It is night now (it was daytime when we went in). It's a clear night with lots of stars and as I'm just about to turn around and go back inside, there is like this purple light that starts shining down from above. So that freaks me out. When I go back in the door, everyone and everything is gone. It's just a big empty room. And the next thing I know, I'm lying horizontally, maybe even levitating just a foot off the ground, looking up at the high ceilings and slowly moving in the direction of my head. That's all I remember.

"Young punk, spilling beer on my shoes. Fat guyís talking to me trying to steal my blues. Thick smoke, see her smiling through. I never thought so much could happen just, shooting pool..."

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