Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Cassettes I Own

Looking thru some old boxes today... (OK, so a couple of these are actually IN my truck currently). Here are some cassettes I own (I'm not necessarily proud of any of these... this is for your entertainment only):

J. Geils Band - "Freeze Frame"
Beastie Boys - "Licensed to Ill"
Beastie Boys - "Ill Communication" (It was a phase...)
Milli Vanilli - "Girl You Know It's True" (that one's in the truck.. I'll listen to it and I'll sing along, and I don't care... lol)
New Kids On The Block - "Hangin' Tough" (only after many years of therapy can I admit this)
Tone Loc - "Loc'ed After Dark"
The Boys - "Messages From The Boys" (It's not as gay as it sounds... well... nevermind. Geez, what was wrong with me?)

OK, that's enough therapy for today. Tune in tomorrow for "Posters on my wall." LOL

"I recognized the writing, on the plain while envelope. I've wondered where she'd wind up before she called or wrote. The answer's in a circle, through the word 'love' on a stamp... postmarked Birmingham..."

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