Friday, January 02, 2004

Resolve to Have a Better Blog

In the new year, let's all resolve to have better blogs. We've all been to blogs, or maybe even have friends whose blogs we can hardly stand to read thru, because they are so boring. Think about why you enjoy reading the blogs you regularly read. Then apply those same principles to your own blog. Together, we can make 2004 truly the year of the blog. This can be the year the blog sheds its too-long worn cocoon, and blossoms into the beautiful internet butterfly we all know it can and should be.

While reading some blog history this morning, it looks like we have overcome the blog exodus of 2001. Blogger itself now boasts somewhere around a million users, although I'm sure many are dead blogs. And while many people stop blogging, true bloggers will always return. Many long-time bloggers will change blogs, simply because they have changed, their blog has changed, and the old name no longer reflects who they are.

OK, that about wraps up this first insightful look into blogging in 2004. May all your entries be filled with insight, information, and lots of humor.

"I guess I've grown tired, it's just what's expected of me, to tear your heart from the inside to the outside. You know I was wired, I just couldn't help it, the hundred thousand times I hurt you..."

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