Sunday, January 18, 2004

Super Bowl Fever

I can't believe it... both teams I were rooting for today won. Finally. New England and Carolina in Super Bowl XXXVIII. I figured the Patriots would win, but I wasn't sure about the Panthers. Now, they take two weeks off before the Super Bowl--so they can hype it, I guess. Why not just play it next week? Baseball doesn't take two weeks off before the World Series. The NBA doesn't take two weeks off before the finals. It doesn't need to be hyped. It's the Super Bowl, for crying out loud.

In other news, William Jefferson Clinton was at Applebees tonight. The funny thing is, I've seen this guy in there once before, several months ago. lol

Me: "Beth, do you think that guy at 64 looks like Bill Clinton?"
B: "I think it's so funny that you know the table numbers."
Me: "Yeah, but does he look like Bill Clinton."

Good grief, I've known the table numbers for 3 years. lol Wow, he had the hair, the nose, the eyes.. everything. I have to start taking my camera everywhere... aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! These non-documented celebrity sightings are killing me. They're killing me, Jerry!

Picked up a few groceries at Wal-Mart. They are now selling half-loaves of bread. OK, they have probably been selling them for awhile, but I just noticed them recently. Finally!!! A product for the single people. A loaf-of-bread for the rest of us. I'm stoked about that. Now I won't have to throw out three-quarters of a loaf of bread every week. Now, I'll just have to throw out half of a half-loaf...? lol

"No I would not sleep in this bed of lies. So toss me out and turn in. And there'll be no rest for these tired eyes. I'm marking it down to learning.... I am..."

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