Sunday, November 30, 2003

Have You Ever Dreamt A Song?

Bloggin' away while someone somewhere is wondering what you'd get if you ordered a virgin Molotov cocktail...

Anyway, I dreamt a song last night. Well, I dreamt I had written this song, and it was like the perfect song and for some reason, I was somewhere, and Shane was playing and singing it for these people. But no matter how I try, I can't remember any of the words to the song. It seems like I've had a dream like this at least once before. So I wonder, if I could remember the song, would it be this great song, or would it be a song everyone already knows, or did it even really have words in my dream? That's what I wonder...

Otherwise, it's the end of a long, exhausting, but good, weekend. Oddly, I chose hanging out with friends over getting stuff done around the house, so there's some cleaning to be done and I still haven't put up my tree. But hey, it's still November. I also have to figure some way to get back in a sleep pattern tonight, since I haven't been to bed before 2 AM the last three nights. That'll be interesting. For some reason, I am having a little trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. Usually, I'm about as chipper as it gets this time of year. I did hear a couple of Christmas songs at APPLEBEES tonight that kind of got me in the spirit, namely "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and "Sleigh Ride." I dunno, it's been a bit of a tough year, compared to other years I've had. Plus, I think the fact that it stayed warm for so long is sort of delaying my reaction. I'm sure the first time I go shopping, I'll be in it.

Yes, I did go to APPLEBEES tonight after church. Sat with BETH. JESSICA and JADE came by to chat. Had a caesar salad and chicken quesadillas. What BETH and I didn't eat, I brought home. lol Also had some hot chocolate. I had a free appetizer card, so my bill was $1.09 for my salad. I tipped $3, so I told BETH that's like a 300% tip. Well, it was funny at the time... maybe... a little. Anyway, it was good to see everyone, since I hadn't been up there in like a week. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

"Well since she put me down I been out doin' in my head. I come in late at night and in the mornin' I just lay in bed. But Rhonda you look so fine and I know it wouldn't take much time, for you to help me Rhonda. Help me get her outta my heart..."

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Feels like it should be Monday

I guess since I've been off work the past two days, I keep thinking this is Monday. But it's only Saturday! Woohoo! I didn't get to go shopping yesterday OR put up my tree. I did have lunch with Dad at the theakhouth. Mmmm. BUNNY called and we made plans to have dinner. I mentioned why not go shoot pool for a little while first, so we met at 5:00 and did that. Her friends, ANNE, came as well. She ended up being a lot of fun. I'd met her a couple of times, but never really talked to her much until last night. I found out she was not a chick magnet. ROFL Long story... but funny. It was misstated several times, but the original one I think was, "I'm not a chick magnet for guys." ROFL Confused? We all were. Wes, Belle, Nichole, Tina, and Ben were all working. There was basically no one there at that time though. After that it was off to dinner at LOGAN'S. I hadn't been there in awhile, and it was good. Another of BUNNY'S friends met us up there. After that we all went to his house and shot pool, played video games, sang, and did numerous other fun things not to be mentioned here. lol I don't even know what that means.

After I left there, I ended up stopping by MATT'S for a bit. Anyway, I got home around 2:30. Wow, I'm not used to these late nights. It was a good night, a lot of fun. Good to see BUNNY again. She's going back to VIRGINIA tomorrow. On a semi-related note, I got Cassie's phone number last night. BUNNY was like, "Oh, I'm supposed to give you Cassie's phone number so you can call her to do something sometime." Far be it from me to argue with a woman. lol Seriously though, it's good to have more people to do stuff with.

Looks like a couple of members of the BlogNation are laid up with some sort of infection on this Thanksgiving weekend. Well, all I know to do without being completely inappropriate is to sing the get well song from "Seinfeld"... Get well, get well soon We wish you to get well. Get well, get well soon. We wish you to get well!!! lol Wooooooooooo!!!

"But oh sometimes I think about you, and the way you used ride out, in your rhinestones and your sequins, with the sunlight on your hair. And oh the crowd will always love you. But as for me I've come to know, everything that glitters, is not gold..."

Friday, November 28, 2003

Oh what a night...

Bloggin' away while somebody somewhere is wondering why they call it a continental breakfast...

Wow, I didn't get in until 3:45 this morning. *yawn* Woke up about 9:45 though, so that's good, I guess. Hung out over in Decatur much of the night last night. I think I'm going to have lunch with Dad since I'm off today. Otherwise, a little shopping is in the plan. BUNNY said the other night that she and one of her friends might be up for doing something later tonight, so I may do something with them, but I haven't heard from anyone yet. Need to put up my tree at some point this weekend. And, NASHVILLE is a possibility for Saturday. I still haven't seen "Elf." So I want to go see that. They were talking about it at the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and saying it was a good Chirstmas movie.

Did you know the day after Thanksgiving usually is NOT the biggest shopping day of the year. I was reading Wednesday that the biggest days are usually the two Fridays and two Saturdays immediately preceding Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving normally ranks between the 5th and 10th busiest. Things that make you go hmmm... lol

"Please tell me why, my car is in the front yard, and I'm sleepin' with my clothes on. I came in thru the window last night, and you're gone..."

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has or had a happy and safe holiday. At my best count, we had 33 people at my aunt's at one time or another. It is always good to see family, especially when you don't see a lot of them that often.

On a humorous note, some radio station played the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song today. That is so funny. lol

On a more serious note, I have so much to be thankful for, such that I could never name or count all the blessings. Sometimes I think I am guilty of calling blessings coincidences or luck. Something to work on... So let us be thankful today, and every day. "Every good and every perfect gift is from above..."

"Gobble gobble goo, and gobble gobble giggle. I wish turkey only cost a nickel..."

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Most Dangerous Cities...

Click on the Top/Bottom 25 link for the list.

Atlanta 3rd, Memphis 11th, and Bham 22nd. Having spent a fair amount of time in all three, I would have to agree.

"Some people live with the fear of a touch, and the anger of having been a fool. They will not listen to anyone, so nobody tells them a lie..."

The Latest Blog Update - Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen...

Blogging away while wondering if I'm the only person in the world who doesn't know who Paris Hilton is, or what she's done, and if this video I just ordered online will help clear some of that up... LOL

Wow, today was probably my busiest day ever at work. It was ninety-to-nothing and non-stop, plus I ended up working over a bit to get everything done so that I can be off til Monday. I hate that I can't just take off on a whim, that I have to work ahead. OK, no more complaints. I'm thankful for my job.

Otherwise, finished up laundry, which I started Tuesday. I just have a few things to iron and hang up. I need to go wash and vacuum out the truck, too. Then I'm gonna study a bit before church. And after church, it's off to my second job. Someone was saying the other day how life just gets busier and busier as you get older. That is so very true. There are so many things to do during the week, as far as laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, paying bills, etc. That doesn't even include work, fitness, and any other personal activities you might engage in. I'm not complaining. I'm thankful I have lots to keep me busy sometimes. But I remember just a few years ago it seemed I had all the time in the world to watch TV, go out, play video games, whatever. Now, I hardly ever watch TV, which is a good thing. There's little time for video games, which is probably good to. However, as life get busier, it is very important to keep things prioritized. It's so easy for me to let my priorities get out of whack. It's something I need to work on for sure. Sometimes I wonder if it will be busier once I'm married, or is it busier now because I'm the only one who has to take care of everything? I'm sure there are varying opinions on that. lol

Anyway, I'm trying to get away from doing so much of a recount of the day's events. It doesn't keep my interest when I'm reading other blogs that do that, and I think I'm guilty of it, too, sometimes. So we'll see. I did get to see my little cousin, ABBY, yesterday. She is such a sweetie pie. She's gonna be five on New Year's Eve. That's hard to believe. She was born three months premature and had a really hard time and still has some issues, so there is a very soft place in my heart for her.

Do I seem a little frustrated or jumpy or something? Need to relax. Calm down. *long, deep sigh* Wow, I snapped at someone today, because things were so busy at work. It wasn't anyone at work, but someone that had called me on the phone. That is not like me at all. I'm probably the most laid back person you could imagine. I'm like Mush Mouth on Fat Albert. What? ROFL Anyway, it was wrong of me and I felt terrible about it. That kinda scared me, just because I never do that, and I don't want to become someone who does that. Some people let their anger get the best of them a lot. I guess I was guilty of that today :-(

OK, I'm gonna try to get some stuff done. I don't have to be at work for 110 hours!!! I think... hmmm. ROFL

"If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart. If you need to crash, then crash and burn. You're not alone..."

"The Man" Claims Another Victim

Well, as most of you already know, one of the founding members of the BlogNation was recently fired from his job for "excessive internet usage." Somehow, I don't think he is all that upset about it. However, we must band together and share tips on how NOT to get fired while maintaining a high internet presence at work. It is integral to the survival of the BlogNation. In the meantime, we should all be supportive of our fallen comrade. It is just before the holidays and the job market is still very tough.

You may send donations to:

Fallen Friend Blog Fund
(c/o Bone)

Seriously though, all these recent events have so many things running thru my mind. The bottom line is that true happiness and contentment can never be found in material things. Why do we feel like we must obtain more and more? Because, as the song says, we are living in a material world. Society has taught us that more is better. So while we feel the pressures of society from the outside, we struggle to keep our eyes on the main goal, the only thing that is really important. When we realize that happiness can't be found in material wealth, and we cease to impress others with what we have, then and only then will we find true contentment.

On a somewhat less serious note, I am reminded of a SEINFELD episode. Somehow, there seems to be a parallel in here somewhere:

(From "The Keys")
Kramer: You're wasting your life.
George: I am not! What you call wasting, I call living. I'm living my life!
Kramer: OK, like what? Tell me! Do you have a job?
George: No.
Kramer: You got money?
George: No.
Kramer: Do you have a woman?
George: No.
Kramer: Do you have any prospects?
George: No.
Kramer: You got anything on the horizon?
George: Uh... no.
Kramer: Do you have any conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning?
George: Uh... I like to get the Daily News.
Kramer: George, it's time for us to grow up and be men, not little boys.
George: Why?
Kramer: I'm goin' to California. You know, I got the bug.
George: Yeah, I think I got a touch of something, too.
Kramer: No, the acting bug... ever since I was in that Woody Allen movie.
George: These pretzels are making me thirsty?! That was one line! You got fired!
Kramer: I know. But man, I never felt so alive! Are you coming with me?
George: Uh, no, I'm not. You're not really gonna go to California, are you?
Kramer (pointing to his head): George, up here... I'm already gone.


"I wanna know what you're thinking. There are some things you can't hide. I wanna know what you're feeling. Tell me what's on your mind..."

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Musical cell phones...

I guess this is one of the big stories today. I can definitely see why that lady is switching from Sprint. I have to say, I have been very happy with CINGULAR, especially when comparing it to phones of some of my friends and co-workers (Sprint & T-Mobile). There's no comparison as far as reception goes. And their customer service has been excellent, the couple of times I've had to use it. I do like the rule where you can now transfer your land line number to your cell phone. I was looking at my home phone bill the other day. It's like $42. And for what? I don't talk on it that much, and I rarely use call waiting. I use the caller ID, and that's about it. I really need to reduce that down.

I was thinking today, what is the deal with evaporated milk? If it's evaporated, isn't it gone? I guess the guy who invented it just left his glass of milk outside all day. Wow, evaporated milk! So if I'm sitting here with an empty glass, did I just invent evaporated water? And then you have condensed milk. That seems like just the opposite of evaporated milk. Maybe we can get Louis Pasteur in here. Clearly, I don't understand. It's all a bunch of homogenization to me. lol

Wow, I just made this 15.5 ounce bottle of YooHoo look like it evaporated. That was good. Why do I like chocolate so much lately? I think ever since I saw that special on Milton Hershey, I've been craving chocolate... kisses, candy bars, hot chocolate, etc.

In other news, I guess I will try and put up my Christmas tree this weekend, sometime between Thursday and Sunday anyway. Then its time to start shopping for gifts to wrap and place under it. It's weird how people prepare for weeks and weeks for Christmas, decorating and shopping and wrapping gifts and cooking. Kids look forward to it for months. Then by afternoon on Christmas day it's over. It's funny how when you're a kid, all you care about is what you get. Then when you get older, what you get really doesn't matter. It's what you give. I really need to get in gear and donate some things to Toys for Tots or do something this year. It's upon us.

"You're as slow as Christmas. I was up before the dawn, up so fast I missed it. Or was that old saying wrong? Every Christmas Day makes every other day seem long. And what seemed would never get here has so quickly come and gone..."

One month...

'til Christmas, my friends. Or Festivus... whatever you celebrate. lol I think I am going to have (or at least suggest) a Festivus party this year, with a Seinfeld theme, naturally. I think that could be fun. At this special time of year, I am reminded of a SEINFELD episode. Hard to believe, isn't it? Here's an excerpt from "The Race":

Kramer: You're looking at the new Santa at Coleman's Department store.
Elaine: Congratulations!
Mickey: Get your beard on. We're gonna be late.
Kramer: On Prancer. On Dasher. On Donna.
Mickey: Not Donna. It's Donner!!
Kramer: I thought it was Donna.
Mickey: Yeah, right. On Prancer, on Dancer, on Donna, on Ethel, on Harriet...


Well, I'm at work. It's probably safe to say this morning was the coldest morning we've had so far this fall. I was scraping ice for a couple of minutes off my windows. I hate getting up on cold mornings. My bed is so warm and I just want to stay under the covers. I want to drink hot chocolate and build a fire, even though there's no fireplace in my apartment. So that could be dangerous.

Yesterday was fairly productive. I went to WAL-MART, paid my cell bill, picked up a few things. Last night, I did my PILATES video. I've got to try and watch my weight. I'm about 180 now, which is about five pounds heavier than I'd like to be. It's just so much harder in the winter, because I don't want to run when it's really cold. I guess 6'1" 180 isn't too bad. But I weighed 163 two years ago! Anyway, watched a little bit of MNF. Couldn't get interested in it. I'm sick of seeing the Bucs.

Oh! One fairly humorous thing happened as I was watching TV last night. A commercial came on and they used the phrase "Life is good." ROFL That's like a phrase we started several months ago. It was a Toyota commercial, I think. So now they're using our original, comedic phrase for their own selfish gain.

Lots of sports stories in the news the past couple of days. Bill Cartwright got canned. Now Pete Myers is the new coach. Wow! I remember when MJ retired the first time, it was Pete Myers who took his place in the starting lineup that next year. And 'Zo retired. He's got a pretty serious medical condition, sounds like. And Nomar and Mia got married. Well la-dee-freakin-da. lol On that note, I think I'm just gonna move into a van down by the river.

"What she's doin now, is tearin' me apart. Filling up my mind, and emptyin' my heart. I can hear her call each time the cold wind blows. And I wonder if she knows, what she's doin' now..."

Monday, November 24, 2003

Esta chocolate caliente es muy fantastico...

Just got in from work. Fixed some Swiss Miss hot chocolate. Sipping on that and looking at the paper. This is good. They used to call Martina Hingis the Swiss Miss. Wonder if she could fix good hot chocolate? Hmmm. Well, she was cute anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. I have a few errands to run here in a few minutes. Work was actually pretty busy today, which is odd for a Monday. Did my best to remedy the computer problems at work. I was instructed to "compact the database" with all our audio files in it. So I did as I was told. I'm just hoping everything hangs on til I leave Wednesday, so I won't have to worry with it for the long weekend. I didn't ask off today, because the guy that is directly over me is out sick.

In other news, I received an anniversary card from AOL today, with a coupon for a free t-shirt. Wooohooo! I knew that paying 200% of what most everyone else pays for internet access would pay off one day. lol Just got to stick it out man. Wow, it's been six years! To think, I would still be with HiWAAY if their customer service and tech support people had a clue what they were talking about. "Well, that's all it shows on my little diagram here on page seven of the tech support manual, so that's all I know to tell you." In other words, you're on your own.

And finally, I really don't see anything standing in my way of moving next year. The only obstacle really is finding a job, so I will hit the trail hard after the first of the year. For now, I will stay here, get my Christmas bonus, and my vacation time. I would really like to move somewhere up around Nashville, and there's really nothing here holding me back anymore.

"Try not to think about what might have been, cos that was then, and we have taken different roads. We can't go back again. There's no use giving in. And there's no way to know.... what might have been..."

It's Thanksgiving Week, Charlie Brown...

Wow, can you believe it's already here? What a quick year. New Year's Eve seems like it was a month ago. It's been nine months since I had my wreck!! And it seems like no time has gone by since we went to the WPBA tournament in March. It's been four and a half months since the New York trip?!?!

Otherwise, it's finally cold today. The high yesterday was in the 70's. Now, it's maybe 40 and supposed to be 23 tonight. I guess it's about time. DALLAS won yesterday, 24-20. I watched most of it, then got ready for church last night. After church, went out to eat. First, went to APPLEBEES, but I really didn't want anything on the menu, so after that, we ended up going to CRACKER BARRELL. I had the fried catfish with a salad and macaroni and cheese. When I got home, I had bought some hot chocolate Saturday at the grocery store, so I fixed a cup. Yes, it was mmmm!

Guess I'll put in my request today to be off Friday. Really, employers should give their employees ample holidays off. It's good for employee morale, and I'm sure it increases productivity... or maybe not. lol We are starting to have some computer problems here at work, similar to what we had several months ago. That should be a million miles of fun for everyone. Wheeee!!

While you've been reading this, another minute of your life has passed by. And much like Elvis, it's never coming back.

"Girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eye lashes. Silver white winters that melt into springs. These are a few of my favorite things..."

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Miles and miles of nothingness...

Nothing much going on yesterday. I went to CARDINAL for lunch. Ran to the grocery store. MATT was having some people over to watch the game, but I decided just to stay around the house. BAMA lost, but that was really no surprise. Got a call from an old friend that I hadn't heard from in awhile last night. It was really good to hear from her. We had a nice half-hour conversation.

Today, got up and went to church. Went over to Dad's for lunch. He had gone to JACK'S and gotten some chicken. Sitting here watching DALLAS. They're up 10-3. I'm 95% sure I'm going to take off Friday, and have me a four-day weekend. So this week won't be so bad at all. NASHVILLE could happen Saturday. Might head up there to play some billiards and do a little Christmas shopping.

You know it's very true that those you care about the most can hurt you the most, and vice versa. Why? Simply because we care so much about them and they mean so much to us. We hold them to a higher standard because of the close relationship we have with them and the expectations we have from that relationship. My point? I don't know. Cherish the ones you really love. Treat them well. Most of all... don't take them for granted. Because you might not always have that luxury.

"When she was warm and tender and you held her arms around you, there was nothing but her love and affection. She was crazy for you. Now she's part of something that you lost. And for all you know, this could be, the difference between what you need, and what you want to be..."

Saturday, November 22, 2003

In memory

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

"Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot..."

Friday, November 21, 2003

Friday recap

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if I spent half as much time working on a relationship as I do memorizing Seinfeld lines, playing video games, and blogging... uh... where was I going with this?

Typical evening of BILLIARDS and APPLEBEES. No surprises here. Played ten games of billiards. Won five, lost five. I think I can clearly see progress though. Used to, if you lost your turn and your opponent had two or three balls left, you were fairly confident you would probably get another turn. That's not so anymore. You start watching some chick playing Ms. Pac Man or text messaging on your phone, then you look up, and the game is over. Trust me. lol WES, BELLE, NICHOLE, and JANIS were all working tonight.

At APPLEBEES, sat with DAVINA. I had the appetizer sampler. Just about everyone was working--DONNA, BETH, KELLY, ABBY, KRISTINA, VIRGINIA, JADE, DEVIN, and others. MARK also came out and chatted for awhile. It was ABBY'S last night. She's moving back to MINNESOTA. More celebrity look-a-likes from tonight. Saw a man who looked like a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Julian Lennon. lol

The sky has been so clear the past couple of nights and the stars have been so clear and beautiful. I could stand out there all night and look at them. Well, it's getting late and I'm getting sleepy.

"So I'll sneak out that door, couldn't stand to see you cry. I'd stay another year if I saw a teardrop in your eye. Heard it in a love song. Heard it in a love song. Heard it in a love song... can't be wrong..."

These Pecans Are Making Me Thirsty

"As I was walking away, knowing it was over, I couldn't help but wonder if what we had both been looking for had really been right here all along. Then, she uttered several colorful expletives, and I knew that it had not...

Wow, work was busy today. I was working like one of Michael Jackson's lawyers. So no time to blog much. Had lunch at Oh! Bryan's. Had a petite sirloin. I know. That's not very manly, but it's on their little lunch menu, so I got it. It was good, if a bit small.

The girls at work have picked four Wal-Mart-sized bags of pecans from this very fertile pecan tree we have on compound property. So today, I brought some home, because there's no way we're going to eat all those at work. It was kind of cool today, because when you see an Alabama fan, who you know you're not going to see again before the game tomorrow night, a lot of times they'll say "Roll Tide" to you, and vice versa. Just a neat thing about this week. I'll be watching the game tomorrow night. As for tonight, I'm not sure what's going on. I'm sure BILLIARDS will be involved at some point, I'm just not sure where.

"All you've got is this moment. Twenty-first century's yesterday. You can care all you want. Everybody does, yeah, that's okay..."

Cursed AM/PM

"You got gonorrhea from a tractor, and you call THAT the "tractor story"? ROFL (from "The Burning")

So as I'm lying down last night, around 11:00, I check my alarm and notice that it is set for 5:10 PM! I have to get up at 5:10 AM. Oh!! I see. That explains why I overslept yesterday. I remember I had changed the alarm Wednesday afternoon when I laid down for a short nap. Ah, well I'm sure we've all done that... at least I hope I'm not the only one.

Went RUNNING yesterday. Showered and headed to D-town to play some pool. The lady that charged me for my tea a couple of weeks ago was up there. So I just got change, and no tea. LOL Won 5 out of 7 games, which was much better than my pathetic display Saturday. After that, headed up to APPLEBEES. BETH was up there by herself, so I sat next to her. Had the zesty ranch chicken sandwich. It was decent. Had some hot chocolate afterwards. I love that stuff. JESSICA came up there, and I guess she thought I was drinking something (she doesn't know me too well yet). She was like, "What are you drinking?" I said, "Hot chocolate and.... whip cream." ROFL

I love living here... I literally saw a chicken cross the road the other morning on my way in to work. ROFL It was a rooster actually. I would've stopped and asked why, but I didn't have time. That reminds me of a SEINFELD:

Frank: "You only hear of a hen, a rooster, and a chicken. Something's missing!"
Mrs. Ross: "Something's missing all right."
Mr. Ross: "They're all chickens. The rooster has sex with all of them."
Frank: "That's perverse!!"

(from "The Rye")

Alright, that's it for me. You guys have been great. I'm outta here.

"Cry baby cry, when you've got to get it out. I'll be your shoulder. You can tell me all. Don't keep it in ya. Well that's the reason why I'm here. Are you ready for a new sensation, new sensation, right now?"

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Before I run...

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if it is proper etiquette yet to ask "Do you have a blog?" upon meeting a chick...

I'm about to go RUNNING, because it is sunny and 70 degrees outside. Nice! One of our computers did a sit-down strike for about half an hour this morning at work. Finally got it back up and running. Had TACO BELL for lunch. It was pretty good. Kinda busy today. Tomorrow should be pretty busy, just because Friday's usually are. I thought we got off two days for THANKSGIVING, but I found out the other day we only get off one. So I'm probably going to take next Friday off to have a four-day weekend.

I used this phrase today, I'm ashamed to say: "Take a chill pill." ROFL What's that from, like 1989? Wow. It's coming back.

I was watching WEAKEST LINK here a minute ago, and she said "What is the square root of 121?" And the girl said "27." ROFL Good grief. Everyone knows it's 21. Oh wait, what? Woooooooooo!!!!

SHANE reminded me a few minutes ago of a funny moment from a few years back. "Did you enjoy the giant pandas?" LOL Looking forward to BILLIARDS here in a few hours. The weekend countdown is underway.

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray. I've been for a walk, on a winter's day. I'd be safe and warm, if I was in LA. California dreamin'... on such a winter's day..."

Emerging from Slumberland

Wow! I overslept like a disgruntled government employee this morning. LOL I didn't wake up until 6:35. And seeing as how I basically have a 30 minute drive in, and I'm supposed to be here at 6:00, well, I was late. I got here at 7:22, so that wasn't too bad, considering. Wow, I don't even recall hearing the alarm, until then. And this comes after I crashed from about 3:30 until nearly 6:00 yesterday. Hmm. Apparently, I must not be getting enough sleep.

Normally, oversleeping puts a damper on the whole day, because it seems like I'm behind all day. But, it's Thursday. It's all downhill to the weekend from here. So it's all good. Planning on our weekly BILLIARDS outing tonight. That's always something to look forward to. On a completely random tangent, there was a lady putting on her makeup in the car behind me this morning. Whenever we'd stop at a red light, she's be putting something on--eye shadow or eye liner or something. She was pretty attractive. (insert random acronym here)

"We caught up on old friends, caught up on old times. But all thru the small talk, it kept burning thru my mind. Does she think about the nights we spent on Crystal Lake, wrapped up in a blanket til the break of day? So many times I've wondered does she think of me that way. But I didn't ask, and she didn't say..."

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"The Outing"...

is on right now. Oh man, that is one of the best SEINFELDS ever. ROFL Part of that magical 4th Season... "The Contest", "The Bubble Boy", "The Pick", "The Contest", "The Junior Mint", "The Smelly Car."

George: Jerry did you wash this pear?
Jerry: Yeah, I washed it.
G: It looks like it hasn't been washed.
G: You hear the way he talks to me?
Female reporter: You should hear how MY boyfriend talks to me...


I was reading KYLE's blog and noticed he pulled the "walk out" tonight at APPLEBEES. I should have warned him that tonight was the JOHN MAHER concert, and most of the people we sit with--Beth, Jessica, Davina, Charity-- were all going to that. LOL There's nothing like a good ol' fashioined walk-out though.

OK, it's bedtime. Prepare to publish, and... fire in the hole!!!

"Cos we all have wings, but some of us don't know why. I was standing. You were there. Two worlds colliding. And they could never, ever, tear us apart..."

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.... already?

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering why there's no national holiday for the inventor of the blog...

Wow, one local radio station has apparently already started playing all Christmas music, 24/7. I heard it on the way home. Now I love the holidays and I love Christmas music, but man, I think I'd be burnt out by the end of November. That's a little early, even for me.

Finished up laundry. I changed the blog title. See what you think? There are lots of creative (and lots of corny) titles out there. It's hard to be original, but I think that does it. I think I may take a short nap, then do a little studying. That's the plan anyhow. Oddly, nothing much else is goin' on. Lunch was KRYSTAL'S. Not bad, actually. I'm not sure if their burgers are really made out of beef. Then again, I'm not sure about any place. But, they're good, nonetheless. LOL

"In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs, of every head he's had the pleasure to know. And the people that come and go, stop and say hello..."

I got the first name...

Cosmo? Nope, Ozmo. LOL This guy is so close, it's freaky. The resemblance is uncanny. Wow!

Fake Peterman posted that link earlier.

Maybe I've missed my calling in life. What SEINFELD character do I most resemble? None of the main ones. Maybe I could be Tim Whatley. lol

"Somewhere far away from here, where her memory doesn't know. A place where no one knows my name, that's where I wanna go. Make it warm and by the water, where I can breathe the cool, clean air, and no one has a care. I want a one-way ticket there..."


I believe one of the most disturbing things I could reveal to you about myself is that I have actually asked the following question:

"Do you still have my Celine Dion CD?"

I'm not sure why, but I find that a little disturbing. For some reason, that reminds me of "There's girls everywhere. Run!!!" LOL

In other news, after reading about the "DATELINE" report on fast-food restaurants, I was not surprised they found BURGER KING to be the least clean. That also may explain why more times than not, my stomach doesn't feel too good after I eat there. We had BK Saturday for lunch. Then coming home that night, we got off on an exit and the only two places to eat were BK and WAFFLE HOUSE. So KYLE pulled into BK. I was like, "Uh, you can eat here again if you want. I'll just get something when I get home." Blech!!!

"I found out on a late night drive, in my winter coat, with my bloodshot eyes..."

Blogs away...

Blogging away while wondering if sometimes the only reason I do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone, is so I'll have something to blog about...

First, let me wish a very Happy Birthday today to AMBER! I've only known her a few months, but I think she is just about the sweetest person I know.

Also, check out How Not To Get Fired Because Of Your Blog. Not that I really know anyone who blogs at work. Oh wait.

And, happy birthday to Meg today. She ranks only (and just a little) below MICHELLE PFEIFER in my book. That is the link from the AskMen website, not to be confused with "Ask the Asian Guys," which is coming soon, or maybe not so soon.

Let's see, recapping yesterday... We ordered PIZZA for lunch. It was great, as always. Someone had picked a bag full of pecans from this big pecan tree we have on compound property here. So I had some of those. Mmmmm. I got most of my LAUNDRY done. Started watching "JFK." AMBER came by to get the birthday card I'd gotten her. While she was there, she gave me a few fashion tips. LOL MOM ended up cooking birthday dinner for my sister, so when she got off work, we went over there. I ended up watching all of "JFK" (all 3 1/2 hours). Finished up a little after 11:30 last night and got in da bed around midnight. So I'm sweepy today. If you've never seen that movie, I'd highly recommend it. I really despise long movies, but that one really flew by. At the end, I was even wishing there was a little more to it.

Typical Wednesday on tap... BIBLE STUDY and work tonight.

"Everytime I try to talk to you, I get tongue-tied. Turns out that everything I say to you, comes out wrong. It never comes out right. So I say why don't you and I get together, and take the world and be together forever? Heads we win, tails we'll try again..."

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Twenty-three years ago today...

...A kind, 7-year-old boy was awakened out of deep, peaceful slumber in the middle of the night, and dragged to the local hospital for no apparent good reason. While sitting in the waiting room, mostly by himself, he became naseous and threw up a couple of times. What was so important that a boyish, innocent second-grader must endure such? "Well," his Dad explained. "You're going to have a baby sister." While the thought of having a younger sibling around the house had seemed like a fun idea before, at this inhuman hour, even a day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe would've probably not garnered an enthusiastic response from the young lad. The only thing on his mind was getting home, getting in bed, and getting back to sleep.

Well, he ended up going to spend the rest of the night at a friend's house. The call came the next morning that he had a new sister and she had been named Kimberly. He didn't care much for the name, and he went off to school and forgot mostly about the news. The first few years weren't all that bad. This "Kimberly" was fun to play with and didn't seem to bother the boy much. She would sometimes do funny things. But as she got older, there began to be a power struggle in the household. This previously non-speaking, non-caring creature begin to speak. Before, the boy had gotten all the attention from his parents. All the toys that were bought were bought for him. And if he wanted to watch cartoons, he got to watch which ones he wanted. But now, half the toys (or more than half, it seemed) were bought for her. There was a fight for control of the television in the afternoons after school. This sister was becoming a nuisance.

Sure, there were some fun times. They'd play video games and play outside. Sometimes the boy would even let his sister win. But there were some knock-down, drag-em-outs, too. Sometimes, it seemed this sister only wanted to make the boy's life miserable. So he would return the favor. As years went by, the power struggle changed from the television to control of the phone. The girl would not even answer call waiting when he was expecting a call. What nerve!!

But alas, the two slowly matured. The boy moved on, and the sister was left at home. Months and years went by. Then one day, or maybe gradually over time, a funny thing happened. The two became friends. They began to have dinner together. They began to call each other with problems in their lives, and to talk about things, and give each other advice. And suddenly, all those silly fights and arguments seemed a million miles away. And he realized that they had finally become what a brother and sister were meant to be.

And the boy thought to himself, "You know, maybe this sister thing isn't so bad after all."

Happy Birthday Sis. I love ya!!!

I recommend everyone have at least two children if you can. All the relationships we have, family and otherwise, are unique, but the sibling relationship is very rewarding.

"I try to walk the sunny side of the street. Don't let no shadows tangle up my feet. There ain't no trouble that we can't rise above, with a handful of faith, and a heart full of love. Carry on. Carry on. What don't kill us makes us strong... carry on..."

"Hey baby, can I see your blogspot?"

Blog come on lines...
"Haven't I read your blog somewhere before?"
"I've never seen you on this server before. Are you new around here?"
"I said, those are some really nice TITLES."

Enjoying a fairly calm morning at work. Apparently, the weather could be an issue today. There's a tornado watch and flash flood watch out. Still wearing short-sleeves. I just fixed a salad for supper last night. I had my mid-morning snack as usual, but I did cut out my mid-afternoon snack. This is Diet by Bone. It's non-scientific. But my theory is to adjust eating habits as a last resort. I prefer to exercise first. Then if I need to, I can adjust my eating habits accordingly.

It's nine days to Thanksgiving!! Wow. This year surpasses last year as the fastest ever. I'm looking forward to the holidays though. Family, friends, trees, lights, kids, shopping, gifts, food... just a wonderful time of love and warmth. It only comes once a year, so try and cherish it. It's also an important time to remember those who are less fortunate. It doesn't have to be any great act. If you know someone who doesn't really have a family or is going to be spending the holidays alone, invite them along with you. It's a sad time to be alone.

The lady here at the office brought in the JFK tapes today. So I'm gonna try to watch those sometime this week. It'll probably be the weekend really before I can watch it all.

"Stacy's mom has got it goin on. She's all I want and I've waited for so long. Stacy can't ya see, you're just not the girl for me? I know it may be wrong, but I'm in love with Stacy's mom..."

Monday, November 17, 2003

Skid Road

I nearly forgot to tell of my driving adventure on the way home Saturday night. I was on the ramp from the Beltline to 24, and the roads were wet. Well, as I near the end of the ramp, my back end starts to come around. I was half asleep anyway, you know, doing that driving with one eye, then alternating eyes, thing. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, that definitely woke me up. I wasn't going that fast. I would guess about 40. But I was able to steer out of the skid. Luckily, there was no traffic nearby. I corrected, and no one was able to pass me. And after all, that's what it's all about anyway, right? LOL

Sitting here watching this KENNEDY stuff on the HISTORY CHANNEL. Wow, this is all very disturbing. If I wasn't convinced before, I definitely am now. Really kind of makes you feel small, when you realize there's a lot of people with a lot of power, and a lot of corruption, too.

Went RUNNING this afternoon. It was like 75 freakin' degrees today! It's November 17th. I was on the verge of cutting on the air a couple of times, but I abstained. Um, let's see. Oh, I was eating some Halloween candy today at work. What is the deal with the "mystery flavor" dum-dums? Do they really not know what it is, or did they just wrap some of them different on purpose? And are they all the same flavor? I tell you one thing, I'm not putting a mystery-round-anything in my mouth.

This was sort of funny from last night:'
"That just made my problems seem small, and put everything into perspective."
"So you're not depressed anymore?"
"Well, take it from me, that'll wear off in about a week. And you'll be depressed again." ROFL

Oh man, there's a commercial for Romano's on right now. Mmmmm. In other news, our governor has a 30% approval rating. I can't even believe it's that high really. LOL

"Marry him, or marry me. I'm the one that loves you baby can't you see. I ain't got no future or family tree. But I know what a prince and lover ought to be. If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now. And if you'd like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now..."

Add: JFK

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering, if 50 Cent won two AMA's last night, does that somehow add up to a dollar?

It looks like the blog is finally cycling into the search engines. I had a hit for "Andy Griffith Citizens Arrest DVD" and "Bone Thung" for when I said this last week: "I buhnth my thung." ROFL What the crap is Bone Thung?

More KENNEDY stuff is on HISTORY CHANNEL tonight. They are doing something every night this week I think, at 7:00. Saturday is the 40th anniversary. I think tonight they are mostly looking at the assassination and conspiracy stuff. I used to be very skeptical of the conspiracies. But now I just think that was being very naive. The more you see, the more you read, you just about have to believe there was a conspiracy. There is way too much information. Too many people, witnesses and such, died untimely deaths. Check out this site for a list of those, and other stuff.

We were talking about it at work today. One of the ladies mentioned the movie, JFK, which, believe it or not, I never saw. Hard to believe, huh? So I think she's gonna bring it and let me borrow. It's like 4 hours, so I'll probably watch it this weekend. There's a ton of websites with different information and stuff if you search for "Kennedy assassination". Some pretty scary stuff. It will at least make you think. Of course, in the Nixon tapes which were released, he admits the Warren Commission's report was the biggest hoax "that has ever been perpetuated."

Anyway, it's interesting stuff. You should read for yourself and formulate your own opinion. And be sure to watch tonight.

"Oh baby you... you got what I need. But you say he's just a friend. You say he's just a friend..."

Randomness to the Nth degree

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if the best advice you could give someone at the present time is "Don't eat Mexican food in Pennsylvania."

A couple of funny headers from the Wal-Mart/Playboy thing:
"Playboy steals Wal-Mart's assets"
"Wal-Mart Gone Wild"

In weekend news, I saw someone attempting to "moonwalk" for the first time in like 15 years Friday night. LOL I haven't even heard anyone say the word "moonwalk" outside of a VH-1 Michael Jackson special. Another funny quote from KYLE on Saturday night: "There's girls everywhere... run!!!" ROFL I don't know why that was so funny, but it was.

Actually, being back in the college atmosphere was a bit depressing Saturday night, for some reason. I guess because you know those days are past for you. And you see all those kids with so much youth and vibrance and you think, "Just a couple of years in the workforce will take care of that." LOL

Why do I put LOL's in my blog? So you'll know what I just said was supposed to be funny, I guess. Obviously, I don't think the material alone can make you laugh. It's sort of like a blog "applause" sign. I'm gonna try to cut back.

I've noticed that telemarketer calls at my place have all but stopped. Nice. I'm impressed that the no-call list appears to be working. See? This is what I'm talking about people--common sense legislation that we can all agree on. It's not that difficult. Also had a lower electric bill this month. I guess this wacked-out weather is beneficial in that sense. That's the good thing about temps in the 70's and 80's in October and November. Haven't had to use much heat yet. And not much air lately either.

We were singing the "Wheels on the Bus" song the other night. You know, the kids song... 'The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round...' Well, we couldn't think of all the verses, so we started making up our own. Naturally, I can't publish any of them here. There's something about that bonus room at Shane's that is very conducive to odd behavior.

I weighed the other night. I'm right on the verge of 180, maybe 179. Of course, that was with fairly heavy boots on and winter clothes. Maybe that's it. Anyway, I'm looking to stabilize around 175-180. I think cutting out these between meal snacks would help greatly. It's more of a habit than a hunger thing, I think. I also thought of going without meat for like a week or something, just as an exercise in temperance. I once went without soft drinks for like two or three months. That wasn't too hard. I drank tea, water, kool-aid, milk, etc. The only problem I had was at the movies once. They didn't have anything other than soft drinks, except water, and they were going to charge me $3.50 for a cup of water. Ummm... no. Maybe I should start eating Subway for lunch every day... be like Jared. From the SEINFELD show last year: "Did anyone ever think about the enormous, excessive amount of sandwiches this guy had to eat to get that big in the first place?"

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. So I'm gonna try to take her out to dinner tomorrow night to supplement the gift I got her.

Heidi Klum is supposed to be on Jon Stewart tonight, or the Daily Show, or whatever it's called. I would imagine she would be a very interesting interview. He is genuinely funny. You know, he should have his own show on ABC, rather than Kimmel.

"I don't care what consequence it brings. I have been a fool for lesser things. I want you so bad. I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for the longest time..."


Blogging away while somebody somewhere is in a state of confused amazement at the fact that the Jimmy Kimmel Show is STILL on the air...

Well, I had this morning's entry all finished up, except for the lyric at the end, when suddenly, everything on my screen disappeared and went back to my desktop. I love when that happens. You know what that means... more time blogging and less time working. After church last night, went to APPLEBEES for dinner. Sat with JESSICA. She and BETH both came by to chat a bit. I had wings and fries. Came home rather early so that I could watch the football game. DALLAS lost 12-0. I kept flipping back and forth between the game and this JFK special that was on the HISTORY CHANNEL. That was really interesting.

Two things that really impressed me: First, with basically all his advisors, joint chiefs-of-staff, etc. urging him to invade Cuba, he resisted and found a peaceful solution. At the time, we thought we had about two weeks before the Soviets would have their missiles active. So they were telling him to invade now before they got them ready to fire. About 30 years later, it was discovered that they already had more than a hundred missiles ready to go, about seventy of them aimed at the mainland United States. So if we had invaded Cuba then, a nuclear exchange would have been virtually assured. The comment was made in the program that oftentimes, the best sign of a great leader is knowing when NOT to attack. Wow! Maybe some people today could learn from that. And don't forget, all this occurred while facing one of the most popular, hard-line Communist Soviet leaders ever.

The other thing that was completely impressive was the throngs of cheering crowds that greeted him in other countries.. Germany, Ireland, etc. Ya don't see that anymore. The speech he gave in Berlin was completely one of the greatest speeches ever given. Simple and strong. I love that speech. Chills... They still play the video of that speech back every year over there. They had a clip from earlier this year where they were playing it back and thousands upon thousands of people were watching, remembering, and many were crying. Anyway, it was very interesting. They didn't shy away from some of his flaws. But I think the thing that stands out, and maybe the thing that made him so beloved and admired, and missed to this day, is the hope he brought and gave to America and the world, and the promise that he held. But oh well, enough about that. I'll resume regular minutiae blogging a little later.

"Where are you now? Is someone there tonight, holding what was mine? Where are you now? Do you wonder where I am? Are you really doin' fine?"

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Saturday recap... (It's been a long day, always, ain't that right)

Typical Sunday afternoon. Watching some football. Had to go help Dad hang a border in my sister's room. That's part of her birthday present. Had some KFC for lunch while I was over there. And then I ran to the grocery store. Need to clean up a bit around here today. Planning on watching the COWBOYS/PATRIOTS tonight on ESPN.

Yesterday was a ton o' fun. Well... maybe half a ton. LOL KYLE had to run by TAG'S before we left for NASHVILLE, to drop off some DVD's, so I got to see their new house. It was pretty cool... lots of square footage. TAG was at the backyard fence talking to his older next door neighbor when we walked up. I was like, "Oh, Tag's out there talking to Wilson." ROFL A Home Improvement reference. We all had a laugh or two about that.

Got into NASHVILLE around 3:00. Played BILLIARDS for a couple of hours at Buffalo Billiards. Wow, it was horrible. I only won like one out of ten games. I made the 8 in an uncalled pocket like twice and made the 8 and scratched another time. If there was a way to lose, I found it. Plus, these four 40-50 year old men were playing next to us. They were drunk and loud, and that made the experience quite unenjoyable. After that, I was planning to head to COOL SPRINGS to find my sister a birthday gift. On the way, I discovered a hole had developed in the sleeve of my shirt, so we stopped in at OLD NAVY and I ended up getting a shirt to wear there, as well as finding my sister something for her birthday. After that, we cruised over to BEST BUY. Looked at plasma TV's and other neat stuff. SHANE and MELODY met us up there, and we headed back downtown to BELMONT UNIVERSITY for this country music showcase thing. LEANNA was producing it. There were four artists performing. They each did three songs, and they were all excellent. One of the girls seemed to not quite be up to the level of the other three. We were all very impressed with SAM ALLEN. The other performers were HOLLI WHITE, JUSTIN WILLIAMS, and MEREDITH EDWARDS (I think). All the musicians in the bands were great, too. There is really an unbelievable abundance of talent up there.

Got to ride in SHANE'S PASSAT for the first time. There was one funny moment when he said "Turn defroster on" and for a split-second, I thought it had these voice-activated controls, and I thought, "Oh man, this is gonna be cool." Then MELODY reached over and turned on the defroster and I was like, "Oh, he's talking to Melody. That's not quite the same." ROFL I shared with the group and we all had a big laugh. That's about all I can think of for now. I know more funny stuff happened, but I can't think of it. Ended up getting home around 12:15, and went to sleep pretty quickly from there.

"Go on, go on. You were sayin' how a fool can only fool you so long. It's true. That's so true. When they do you like that, what else can you do, but go on..."

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Bone's Fat-Free Blog (with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of minutiae)

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if it is some sort of oxymoronish contradiction to put the phrase "Nutrional Information" on the back of a pack of pork rinds. ROFL

I was eating a bag of barbecue pork rinds yesterday and drinking a Mountain Dew. So I decide I'll read the nutrition facts, because I know they aren't healthy. Here's what I see:

Total fat: 4.5g (7%)
Saturated fat: 1g (5%)
Cholesterol: 10mg (3%)
Sodium: 430mg (18%)

Anyway, so I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, that's not too bad..." Until I notice Serving Size: 1/2 oz. Servings per container: About 4. I mean, it's a small bag. It was right there with the other single serve chips and stuff in the store. So basically, I have to multiply everything by 4. So that's like 72% of my RDV of sodium in about 30 minutes. LOL

Wow, I didn't know you could literally feel your blood pressure skyrocketing. And I think I physically felt my arteries clogging. That was kewl. It's a Festivus miracle! LOL

It was weird seeing the Moon out at 10 AM yesterday. For a moment, I thought it was Europa and I was having one of those weird dreams where I wake up on Jupiter.

Phone call from yesterday afternoon:
"Hey... you asleep?"
(big laugh) "So there's like no repercussions there for sleeping on the job?"
"Apparently not." ROFL

Went running after work. It was cold, but I braved the elements. Came home, napped for about an hour, then showered and went to D-town. Went and played BILLIARDS with KYLE. We split 6 games. WES, BELLE, JANICE, and others were working. I had a sandwich there. After that, cruised to the mall to get a card and gift for my sister's birthday. Got a card. No luck with a gift. I'll have to look today. Went to APPLEBEES. Sat with BETH. I had a couple of cups of hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Have I mentioned how much I love that stuff? DAVINA was up there, as were KELLY, JADE, DEVIN, ABBY, and JESSICA. KRISTINA and NATALIE also came up there, although they were off. Asked about DONNA'S brother, but BETH said she hadn't heard anything. Went to BAM after that. AMBER called, so I stood outside and talked to her while KYLE looked for some book. MOM called while I was there, too, and I ended up having to go help move a TV and some other stuff. Got home around 11:45.

I guess I'm about to head out to NASHVILLE today. Planning to shoot some BILLIARDS up there, run by the mall, and check out the downtown scene. Have a happy Saturday.

"The love we share seems to, go nowhere. And I've lost my light. For I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night. Once I ran to you. Now I run from you. This tainted love you've given. I give you all a boy could give. You take my tears and that's not nearly all. Oh, tainted love..."

Cast my memory back there...

I've had several instances the past couple of days that have made me flashback to past times. The other night at APPLEBEES, "All Around the World" by Lisa Stansfield was playing. As long as we live, certain songs will always remind us of a very specific time and place. And crazy as it sounds, that song for me will always be 10th grade bowling field trip. Weird, huh?

Instance #2: I took a "back" way from Decatur to Hartselle yesterday. The first time I was ever on that road was when I was dating CAROL, like back in 1993-94. She was driving and we went that way one night. So I flashbacked to that.

Instance #3: I ran into Jacqueline at the mall last night (Friday). She and I "dated" like in 9th grade. It wasn't so much dating as going places with her and her parents, sitting together at ballgames, talking on the phone every night. That was weird, too.

So all night after that, I have been pondering the passing of time. What do all these occurences mean? Do they hold any significance? Am I supposed to be "getting" something from this? And if so, what? Even at my age, I can see time has flown by, and it's only getting faster. Days disappear. Months seem like days. And I look back on the past five, ten, fifteen years, and wonder how they went so quickly. I mean, can I take any given year and recall just five worthwhile things I did that year? They're reduced to just a memory, just a page, a second.

When you're a kid and you're waiting for Christmas, a week seems to take a month. And a year is like infinity. It seems like forever. And thinking of life as 70 or 80 or 90 years seems like a long, long time. But ask someone who is 70, or 80, or 90, and I'll bet they say it went by just like that.

So what are you saying, Bone? I guess the same thing I always say. Cherish each moment. You can't save time. It's not like money. All you can do is spend it. Every hour, every minute, every second... you can never relive. And it's not so much what you do, and it's definitely not what you have. It's who is in your life, the people you touch, and the people who touch you. Spending a few hours with a good friend, or a family member, talking, laughing, reminiscing. That's time well-spent, isn't it?

Well, I'll leave you with that. Take some time to enjoy, or at least experience, all aspects of life, even those things that seem tedious. Chances are, there'll come a time when you wish you were back there. I remember someone complaining about their job one day in front of my uncle. He's passed on now, but at the time, he was pretty much bedridden and very sick. And he said, "Don't ever say that. I'd give anything if I could get up everyday and go to work."

OK, I'll recap the night's activities later. Thanks for reading.

"Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand. Love letters in the sand. I remember you. Through all the sleepless nights, and every endless day, I'd wanna hear you say, I remember you..."

Friday, November 14, 2003

What To Do If Your Mom Finds Your Blog

I'm sure you've all heard about the guy whose Mom found his blog. She was doing a search for the company he worked for and his name and his blog popped up. Well, apparently there were some things in there he didn't want his mother to know. Yes, he was 30 years old. That, in itself, is a little disturbing. I don't know if he still lives at home or what. But anyhow, Blogger posted this article today on what to do if your Mom finds your blog. ROFL

I thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, some of the tips are serious. A couple I'm not sure about (i.e. posting your blog in a foreign language). This phrase caught my attention: "If you choose this technique, be careful not to blur your own understanding of the difference between fiction and reality. That could lead to even bigger problems."

I think we all know someone who that may apply to. ROFL I'm not mentioning any names.

"I don't know why I keep on believing you need me, when you've proved so many times, that it ain't true. And I can't find one good reason for staying. Maybe my leaving would be the best for you..."

Somethin' fun to do...

80's lyrics quiz.

I got a 94.5. But I woulda done better if I hadn't been rushed, with people lurking here at work. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.... It's like 103 lyrics, so be sure you have a few minutes to spend.

As J-Mo stated, "You should do really well, since you use a line out of one after every blog entry." I have no idea what he means by that. Oh wait. ROFL

"Owner of a lonely heart. Owner of a lonely heart, much better than a owner of a broken heart..."

This sounds like something I would say...

"What you failed to understand is that bloggers are smarter, better connected and more technologically savvy than the average e-mail user," it reads, addressing the spammers. "We control this medium that you are now attempting to exploit. You've picked a fight with us and it's a fight you cannot win." LOL

Wow, that sounds like me. I got that from this article on Kyle's blog.

Seriously though, I would encourage everyone to start a blog. It's really simple. I have used ANGELFIRE and BLOGSPOT. They both make it fairly simple, do-it-youself--sort of like a "blow-up blog", whatever that means. If you need any help, I would be glad to offer assistance. Eventually, everyone will relent and abide by the rules of the New Blog Order. What? I can't say that yet. Oh OK. Nevermind then.

If you still don't believe you can/should have your very own blog, may I remind you of the words of the great motivational speaker Stuart Smalley: "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people want to read about my life."

Blog on...

"How can you just leave me standing, alone in a world that's so cold? Maybe I'm just too demanding. Maybe I'm just like my father two-fold. Maybe you're just like my mother. She's never satisfied. Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like, when doves cry..."

No Quiero Viandas Mexicana

As I continue to mutilate the Spanish language. This is scary. I actually do like Mexican food. No Chinese though... blech!

In other news, things are wide open at work today. It's crazy. So basically, if anyone out there was ever thinking of calling in a bomb threat to the compound, today would be the day to do it.

Somehow, last night, we got off on the subject of buying gifts. KYLE mentioned a three-month membership to the gym. Then we got off on OVALTINE, and of course, I was reminded of the SEINFELD where JERRY mentors BANIA, so I started rolling off some of that episode. "Why do they call it ovaltine? The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it Round-tine." And KYLE was like, "That's gold, Jerry, gold!!!" ROFL


"Come Monday, it'll be alright. Come Monday, I'll be holding you tight. I spent four lonely days in a brown LA haze, and I just want you back by my side..."

These blog titles are sometimes hard to come up with...

Wow, what a jam-packed night. Of the four things I listed yesterday, the only one I accomplished was PILATES. That was good though. I did get some hot chocolate, however. My sister made some. I buhnth my thung though. :-P Afterwards, I headed to KYLE'S. We went to shoot pool. BELLE and NICHOLE were working, and there is some new guy who knows to get us sweet tea and not to charge us for it, so that's cool. WES was up there too, just hanging out. I ended up losing 4 out of 7 games, and played pretty poorly. I think I have a serious concentration problem. We'll see how it goes back on the long tables Saturday. I really like Nashville... the Music City, the Titans, the BellSouth building. LOL It's cool.

After billiards, went to eat at APPLEBEES. Sat with BETH. I had the half-price chicken quesadillas. Lots of fun conversation as always, though I can't share most of it, because of "the reason." Turns out we had just missed JESSICA and JENNIFER, who had just left there going out for the night. On a serious note, DONNA came out from behind the bar and came up to the corner where we were and sat down beside me. She NEVER does that. So I was like "What's up?" She said she was upset, because her brother, KEN, is in the hospital in CHATTANOOGA with double pneumonia. He's in ICU, and she said he had taken a turn for the worse yesterday. She just wanted us to keep him in our thoughts. I truly hope and pray everything works out OK and he gets better. Talked to SHANE on the phone. He was telling me about a couple of things that were going on in NASHVILLE tomorrow that we might check out. Also ran by BAM for a couple of minutes after we left there. Got home a little after 10:30.

Random dialogue:
"Well if they had an indoor pool, I would go."
(strange look)
"Oh wait, you didn't invite me." ROFL

"I don't really think that would help."
"Whew. Good, cause I didn't really want to do that."

And in the news today. How well do you know your cute, friendly Wal-Mart associate?

Oh man, the phone is off the hook today here at work! Aaaargghh... I'm stressed. Ready for the weekend.

"You cannot quit me so quickly. There's no hope in you for me. No corner you could sqeeze me. But I got all the time for you, love..."

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Anticipe mucho alegria...

Looking forward to BILLIARDS tonight. It sort of signals the beginning of the end of the week for me. Got paid today. Went by the bank. Stopped in to see my sis for a few. Went to get a haircut. I need to go RUNNING, but it is sooooo cold. It's all windy and stuff. I like it though. It's about time.

Nothin much going on at work. Had some chicken fingers from Dairy Delight for lunch. They are the absolute best. It's not even close. The race is for second place. I would like to know their recipe. Here are things I'm considering for the rest of the day:

Going to the store to get some hot chocolate and other groceries. Mmm.
Going running.
Taking a short nap.
Doing Pilates.

We'll see which of those things get done.

Shane just sent me this. Ugh! Of course, if you've ever seen any celebrity not made-up, it's pretty hard to recognize a lot of them. We get so enamored with these famous people and how attractive they are, but honestly, they're just regular people, with money to fix all their physical flaws. LOL Seriouslah.

"By now in New York City, there's snow on the ground. And out in California, the sunshine's falling down. And maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's all in lights. And in Atlanta, Georgia, there's peace on Earth tonight..."

First This...

Trucker Crashes While Changing Clothes. Wow! I would never do that... more than a few times... unless it was absolutely necessary. ROFL The hardest part for me is buttoning the pants, tucking in the shirt, and of course the shoes. Cruise control helps with that though. I don't even know what I'm talking about. LOL

Then this...

83% of workers plan to look for a new job whenever the economy heats up.
60% of workers feel pressured into working too much.
56% of workers are either somewhat or completely dissatisfied with their jobs.
27% of workers say morale at their workplace is lower than a year ago.

So, I guess if you're disgruntled, all I can say is, you're not alone. And if you're looking for a new job, just think, someone has already done that job and moved on because they were unhappy there. So, that should lift you right up. LOL

And finally this. One of the ladies at work is all upset over this. I mean, what can you say? Money talks. It's sad, but true. Just something we have come to accept in this country. Very rich people generally get out of trouble. Same thing for politicians who spend the most. They usually get elected. Not always, but a lot more times than not.

"Yeah well I don't think I like this game no more. It goes round and round and round, I take it one more time. And now you crossed that line. You can come back, tell me how does it feel now. It's too late, too much to forget about. Can't stop now. Tell me how does it feel now. I'm only askin' because I want to know, how you wanna feel..."

Bloggin' away on a Thursday

Ddi yuo knwo I coudl tpye lkie thsi, adn yuo wuold stlil konw waht I'm tyrign to sya? Thta's bceuase teh brina olny lkoos at teh frist lteter in eahc wrod. Or smoetihng lkie taht.

We had the "DVD talk" yesterday at work. I guess my goal is to be the final person on planet Earth to have a DVD player, and also the last person to still have dial-up internet. LOL I've used my Xbox to play DVD's a few times. It works fine, no more than I rent movies. I still like to use the VCR occasionally to record shows and ball games and such. So once there is a practical, affordable DVD recorder, then I will have no choice but to capitulate.

Oh man, it's cold today. HOT CHOCOLATE weather. I want some!!!!! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas, put up a tree and lights and send out Christmas cards and go shopping and eat candy canes and pecans and Christmas cookies and, and... it's the most wonderful time of the year. My sister baked some oatmeal raisin cookies last night and gave me some while I was over there. They're very good. Looks like BILLIARDS tonight, as usual. That should be a good warm-up for Saturday's outing to NASHVILLE.

"No matter what your friends try to tell ya, we were made to fall in love. And we will be together, any kind of weather. It's like that, it's like that. Every little step I take, you will be there. Every little step I make, we'll be together..."

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I'm on no sleep man, no sleep!

(long sigh) Long day. Here I sit, up late again. Well, late, considering I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning. I was sitting here today, completely worn out, drained of energy, thinking, "I have got to start getting some rest." I probably average 6-6.5 hours sleep per night. And it's really starting to catch up with me. Maybe I need to keep a sleep journal and try to at least get seven hours a night. But it's like, I'm not that tired at night, so I sit up. Then, in the mornings, I don't want to get out of the bed. Then, in the afternoons, I'm tired and have no energy to exercise like I need to. Oh well. Maybe I can work on that.

Otherwise, recapping my day... Had a hamburger steak and baked potato at Oh!Bryan's for lunch. It was great. I can't believe it, but I passed up a chance to go to the BAMA/LSU game Saturday. Why? I really don't know. I guess the only reason was that I was already planning on heading up to NashVegas that day. But still, I could have switched the N-ville trip to Friday after work. Hmmm. I might see if I can still get the tickets tomorrow. Fixed dinner at home tonight, before BIBLE STUDY. Nothing else much going on. My sister's birthday is Tuesday, so at some point this weekend I need to get her something.

This whole mutual funds scandal reminds me of that SEINFELD bit: "People always tell me, you should have your money working for you. Well from now on, I've decided I'll do the work, I'll let my money relax. Because sometimes you send your money out to work, and it doesn't come back. And who knows what your money has been through before it got to you? Maybe it's been working. Maybe it's tired. Maybe that's why it left where it was. Maybe if I'm nice to it, it'll stay with me." LOL

"You're thinking up your white lies. You're putting on your bedroom eyes. You say you're coming home but you won't say when. But I can feel it coming. If you leave tonight keep running. And you need never look back again. You take it on the run baby. If that's the way you want it baby, then I don't want you around..."

I smell a rat...

literally. I smelled it yesterday, too. Of course, civilian pest control isn't allowed in here at the compound. My dilemma: Do I really want to crawl around all over the place looking for a dead rat? Or would it be better just to do nothing, hope it eventually decays to the point that it no longer smells. That couldn't take longer than a few days, right? I believe it also falls under the category of a YRIYFI (you report it, you fix it) problem. So, I guess we know what's gonna happen... total, natural decomposition.

Oh, another funny thing happened yesterday that I forgot. The secretary came in here and handed me some mail, and she was like, "Here's your Jim Jones..." ROFL Wooooooooooo!!! She had misspoke of course, but before she could correct herself I was like, "Jim Jones?!?! Good grief, next you're gonna have me drinking some poisonous kool-aid." It was funny.

"I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me. And every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be. Well, how can I forget you, girl, when there is always something there to remind me?"

We must unite!!

Greetings out there in BlogLand. I stand before you today, urging you to press on, continue striving for the goal. We must defeat the non-bloggers. Together, we can. I dream of a society where every single person has a blog, regardless of race, sex, or internet connection speed. America is founded on the very principles of life, liberty, and the right to blog... oh wait. LOL

Well, let's see, what went on yesterday? Napping won out over running (it's a constant battle). So I slept for about an hour and a half. Just about finished up laundry. Decided not to go out, because I wanted to see the Andy Griffith Reunion special on CBS. It was pretty good, just didn't last long enough.Don Knotts, Ron Howard, Jim Nabors, and Andy were on there. They talked about some of their favorite scenes, including Gomer's "citizens arrest!" ROFL That was a great one. Another interesting thing was they said the guy who played Otis (Hal Smith, I think was his name) never drank. But he sure played a good town drunk. What a great show.

After that, my sister called and said that Mom had made some Sloppy Joe's, so I went over there to eat dinner. It was good. Really hit the spot, because I was really tired of eating out all the time. Chatted with AMANDA a bit online when I got home. They just got back from New York a couple of weeks ago, so we chatted about that. She was asking who I went to Nashville with, and I was like Kyle. Here's the exchange that followed:

"Did him and Charlotte get married?"
"No, Corey married Charlotte."
"Oh, which one is Kyle?"
"He was the kinda asian-looking guy."
"Was he the one that cussed a lot?"
(so at this point I'm thinking, "I don't remember that" and I'm running thru what guys were on the trip... Shane, Corey, Jack, me, Kyle....)
"Uh.. yep, I guess that was probably him." ROFL

Wow, I didn't remember that, since that was like four and a half years ago. Oh well. Another great quote from last night:

"She doesn't know!"
"I told you, man. You only give these chicks one chance. See, now you've wasted nearly $4." ROFL

Watched a little of LETTERMAN as I was dozing off. Was that MADONNA on there? I couldn't tell, because my picture was all fuzzy and I was tired. Then Chris Elliott was on. He's funny, but he's a little bit "out there." That's about all I know for now. BIBLE STUDY tonight, then work. BILLIARDS tomorrow night most likely. N-VILLE on Saturday.

"Someone had to teach you. I didn't have the heart to, hurt you just like you'd been hurting me. Someone had to teach you, things it's time that you knew. Now maybe you'll be satisfied with me..."

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Honeymoon Is Over

Ed Norton, one of the most famous names in television history.

Wow, seems like we've lost a lot of famous folks lately.

"If that's how it's gonna leave, straight out from underneath, then we'll see who's sorry now..."

One Final Thought...

on Veterans Day... well, maybe two. Someone sent around an email not long ago, showing a picture of like three or four American soldiers in Iraq, trying to get some rest. There was mud and standing water all around, and they had tried to make a mound of dirt which stood a little above the water that they could sleep on. Well it said something about "Have trouble sleeping last night? Bed not comfortable enough?" and stuff like that. Well the gist of it was how much we complain over every little thing and never take the time to think about people thousands of miles away from their homes and families who haven't slept in their own bed in months and months.

The other thing was a Vietnam veteran called in today and basically you know you want to say thank you for your service. He just about started to cry and was like "It's not about me. It's about all my buddies that never made it home." Wow. What do you say to that?

"Love your country and live with pride. And don't forget those who died. America, can't you see, that all gave some, but some gave all. Some stood thru for the red, white, and blue, but some had to fall. If you ever think of me, think of all your liberties and recall, that some gave all..."

Going 'Dental'

We use the phrase 'going postal' to describe someone who for various and sundry reasons has decided to shoot up the place where they work and cap some of their co-workers. Well, since dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession, I have decided to copyright a new phrase. 'Going dental' will now be used to signify anyone who has committed, or attempted to commit suicide. I can just see the news interviewing the person's co-workers. "So what happened?" "Well, he seemed like a normal guy, kinda quiet. Then one day he just went dental and went over Niagra Falls." There, now that we've got that settled. LOL

Had MCDONALD'S for lunch. Double cheeseburger value meal. The fries were gooooood! Work was a bit busy. Caught up a little on some non-vital stuff that I was behind on, but still needed to get done. Just gotten started on LAUNDRY. So it pretty much looks like a typical Tuesday. Man, it is SO NICE outside--sunny and 76! It's gorgeous. I must fight the urge to nap and go running. I must, I must, I must...

"The things we take for granted in this life we lead are tragic. We should be ashamed. He left his home and family, and cast his fate across the sea. Would we do the same? POW three sixty-nine. I salute you from this heart of mine. Thank you for placing your life on the line for me. I'm free..."

A Debt You Can Never Repay

It's Veterans Day. Please take some time out of your day to think about those who have served and are serving our country. What a sacrifice! There has been an extremely high price paid over the years for the freedoms that we all too often take for granted and even abuse. Think of all the sons and daughters, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, who have risked their lives for this nation. We value our lives, but they valued their country, their freedom, and their fellow Americans even more than their own lives.

"Lord, my boy was special, and he meant so much to me. And though I'd love to see him, but I know it just can't me. So I thank You for my memories, and the moments to recall. But Lord could you tell him, he's more than a name on a wall..."

Not bad for a Monday...

Wow, I crashed kinda early (for me) last night, probably around 10:45. I didn't see Letterman or the end of MNF. I did go RUNNING around 4:30 yesterday. Came home showered. Went and picked up some dinner at JOHN'S for me and my sister, then went over to eat with her. She's been sick the past few days, so you know, do what you can. I had some chicken fingers there, but I didn't really like them. I fixed some hot chocolate last night (some Swiss Miss which was at least a year but it came out OK. I LOVE hot chocolate. Mmmmm... it's one of my favorite things about the cooler weather. The classic SEINFELD "The Contest" was on in syndication last night, too.

Had a short, but disturbing conversation with an ex-girlfriend last night. It's a long story, so I won't bother you with it. The bottom line is, months after we dated, she tries to put me on a guilt trip and turn things around like it was all my fault. I mean, I really went above and beyond the call just to try and get along and remain friends with her, but there's only so much you can do. I'm easy to get along with... really :o)

Anyway, AMBER called shortly after that. Talking to her made me feel better. BUNNY had called earlier. She is going to be home in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving. I'm sure the old "group" (or at least three members of will be getting together to hang out at least once. She had a great line about work. She said she had a meeting with her supervisor. She said the way the meeting went, she came out and felt like just walking right out the 7th floor window. Wooooooooooooooo!!!!

Overall, it wasn't a bad Monday at all. Talked to KYLE online last night, oddly enough. LOL I'm really looking forward to BILLIARDS this Saturday in the City of Music. I think we should try to catch a TITANS game at some point this year. That would be fun. We'll see. I might try and go to the movies Friday, if I can get anyone to go. "Elf" is out. Today is LAUNDRY day. I need to try and run again, cos it's supposed to turn a good bit colder by Thursday I think. High today? 75!

"Spilled her coffee broke a shoelace. Smeared the lipstick on her face. Slammed the door and said I'm sorry I, had a bad day again..."

Monday, November 10, 2003


No pizza today. Someone around here is watching their blood pressure. Instead, had some chicken noodle soup and a sandwich. It was tasty. In other news, I ran by AOL homepage thru the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator. Pretty funny stuff. Gee, he sure likes the "S" word a lot, know what I'm sayin'?

And how could I forget this? There was a BILL CLINTON look-alike at APPLEBEES last night. Man, he had it all, the hair, the eyes, the mouth, the complexion. Even had a wife with short blonde hair. ROFL Ask KYLE, the resemblance was stunning. KRISTINA, DAVINA, BETH, and JESS all agreed to some degree or other. He even asked KRISTINA for change and when she was walking by our table, I was like "Does it sound like him?" ROFL On top of that, everyone was treated to my admittedly not that great Clinton impersonation. Fun, fun, fun... Man if I looked like that guy though, I'd figure out some way to make some money... go on SNL or Letterman or something.

Work has been so-so busy. Had a guy come in to do recording that loves to talk football. So when he's here, he and I usually end up talking football for an hour. We did again today. So I'm a little behizzle on my work.

"I wonder what it's like to be a superhero. I wonder what I'd do if I could fly around downtown. From some other planet, I'd get this funky high on the yellow sun. Boy I bet my friends would all be stunned..."

First tizzle with Jessica

Had dinner at APPLEBEES last night. Sat with JESSICA for the first time. It was sort of fitting, since yesterday was NATALIE'S last day, and JESSICA is taking her place in the rotation, know what I'm sayin'. Wow, it's like managing a baseball team. LOL She did a good job. Order was correct. Lemonade was free. That's pretty much all we ask. It was like musical waitresses though, because BETH, DAVINA, and KRISTINA were all working, so they took turns sitting and talking throughout the evening. I had the blackened whitefish. It was good, even though KYLE remarked that it looked like a frozen microwave meal. "Applebees, a tiny little division of Swanson." ROFL Some quotes from the evening:

"So what did you do last night?"
"I slept..."
"Oh, so you slept with Beth---uh, that didn't come out right."

"I haven't heard a peep from her since we went out."
"Uh, as the guy, I think you are the one who is expected to call. I don't know a lot about it, but I believe that is the way it usually works."
"Nah. Get outta here."
"OK...I think we may have just discovered a major reason you're still single."

"Yeah, if you charge them for their drinks they won't sit with you."
"Just ask Charity."
"She probably didn't know."
"Too bad. You get one chance, then you're out of the loop."

"Isn't there a football game on somewhere?"
"I didn't know you watched football."

"Uh, please don't do that anymore. That's like when you're a freshman in high school and you try to imitate the seniors so you can be cool like them."

Well, DALLAS hung on to win 10-6. Kinda pathetic, since they were playing BUFFALO, but winning ugly is better than losing pretty anyday I guess. Elliott won the race, and Kenseth clinched the points title. He's only won one out of like 35 races, but that's how it's set up. Looking forward to the Andy Griffith reunion special tomorrow night. LOL Seriouslah. That was really a good show. And Norm MacDonald is supposed to be on Letterman tonight, so I'll probably try to catch that on the televizzle. Pack and Philly on MNF. Eh.

I'm hopin' today will be PIZZA day at work. (Yes, it's the little things in life... lol) It used to be Friday, but the past couple of weeks, we've changed it to Monday. So we'll see how that goes. Wow, that's pretty sad right thur, lookin' forward to pizza for lunch.

"I'm wastin' my time, pretendin' I'm blind. It's not that hard once you get started. Convincin' myself there's nobody else. Actin' like I'm not broken-hearted. And tellin' my friends they're crazy when they say they saw you out last night. Cause baby, I know you would never lie..."

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Life at the Proj...

Just chillin at the proj today, watching some football, flipping over to the race once in awhile. The TITANS are creaming the DOLPHINS right now, 21-0, at the half. DALLAS comes on later, I think. Went to church this morning. Went to get some KFC for lunch. Last night, after work, I happened upon the LUNAR ECLIPSE accidentally. I was looking up at the clear, starry sky while driving along. LOL And I was like, the moon's almost gone. There was just a tiny sliver showing. So I wondered if it was a total eclipse or whatever. I hadn't heard anything about a lunar eclipse. But when I got home I saw it in the news headlines. Cool.

In other news, went to APPLEBEES for dinner last night after work. Sat with DONNA. DAVINA, TONYA, KRISTINA, NATALIE, CHARITY and KELLY were up there, as was the cute hostess chick, who shall remain nameless, because of "the reason." LOL I had a cheeseburger. My stomach hasn't been feeling great lately, so I didn't want to do anything spicy. KYLE came up there, too. We talked about playing some billiards, but he was all tired and stuff from staying out late in Birmingham the night before. I guess this rejuvination of youthfulness I've experienced hasn't affected everyone. The weather has cooled down the past couple of days. I need to go RUNNING, but I tweaked my back Friday on my way home from work and it's bothered me the past two days. But it's feeling a lot better now. Still, I don't think I'm going to run today. Let it get completely well.

"I am everything you want. I am everything you need. I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be. I say all the right things at exactly the right time, but I mean nothin to you and I don't know why..."

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Another Saturday night...

Welcome to the Hotel Blogifornia. You can sign off anytime you like. But you can never leave. We haven't had that domain here since 1999. ROFL I'm at work. That pretty much sums up my Saturday night. Watched football today. BAMA ended up winning 38-0. It's about time. Watched most of Auburn/Ole Miss. It was a close game with Ole Miss holding on for a 24-20 win.

I've encountered an issue with this IM by cell phone thing. I tried signing up so that I could receive IM's on my cell phone. Well I can. The thing is, I think it shows that I'm online 24/7, as long as my cell phone is on, and I leave it on all the time. I don't really like that. So I'm thinking of trying to cancel that little feature. By the way, if you try to IM me during the day while I'm at work, and it's showing I'm using my cell phone, then I probably won't get it until I get home. For some reason, my text messaging doesn't work on my phone at work. So if you've tried IMing me in the last week and I didn't respond, that's probably why. Either that, or I don't want to talk to you. LOL But that's only if the little blue cell phone icon shows up next to my name.

Funny exchange of the night:

KYLE: "I remember now why I don't date chicks anymore."
Me: "Why is that?"
K: "It's too freakin' expensive." ROFL

Oh man, that was hilarious. Let's see. What else? Oh, one of my ex-girlfriends called today and said she had the wrong number. Hmmmm... could it be that was just a ploy? Surely no one would do that. I mean, just call, for crying out loud. Anyway, I've got some stuff to get done here. I'm getting out of here around 9:00, and who knows what will be going on after that. KYLE just IM'd me and said they were done with the wedding. I think the funniest thing is how people's blog entries decrease on the weekend, as do the hits to my blog. Obviously, most everyone is online and blogging and surfing from work. LOL I feel my blog posts are getting increasingly disinteresting. I think I need to close up shop and revamp.

Ah yes, the dream interpretation. I have been debating whether or not to post it. I've pretty much got my interpretation down, but don't want to offend anyone. Basically, the application for worms that I was looking at is: "Worms are usually associated with weakness and sneakiness. They are blind and generally feed on decaying matter. To associate these characteristics with any individuals, including yourself indicates that you are seeing a very negative side of them and have a generally low opinion of them." And green has a variety of connotations, although I'm not sure I have decided if that was significant or not. Basically the general conclusion was that I had seen just a few glimpses or signs of the bad side of someone or something. Then suddenly (as my shirt was ripped off), everything was revealed to me, and I was able to see clearly. My full interpretation was a lot more in depth. But I'll spare you.

"So you stole my world. Now I'm just a phony. Remembering the girl, leaves me down and lonely. Send it in a letter. Make yourself feel better..."

Watchin' the Tide roll away...

Watching the BAMA game. We're up 31-0 in the 4th over Mississippi State. It was nearly 11:00 when I woke up today. Had some freaky dreams last night. Got up and showered, then ran to WAL-MART. Went by to see KIM. She hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. Watched the first half of the ball game, then went to eat lunch with my sister. MOM had fixed some homemade soup last night, so I heated that up. Man, I LOVE this weather. I've got a sweatshirt on, it's cool and breezy outside, but not cold. It's SO nice. I love it.

Saw Jeanette and her husband at Wal-Mart. Also saw Christy. One observation I had while there... they already have the Christmas stuff out. They had a lot of little gift sets and stuff out. Does that seem a little early to anyone but me? I mean, I know there are a few people who start Christmas shopping in the summer, if not sooner. But for the most part, seems like everyone waits at least until Thanksgiving. Oh well. I guess they didn't have anything else to fill those shelves that had been occupied with Halloween stuff for the past two months.

It's a beautiful day. Breathe in that clean, cool air. Enjoy it. I have to work a couple of hours tonight. But that's not too bad. It's overtime anyway. Looks like APPLEBEES or BILLIARDS might occur after that. Can you believe Thanksgiving is 19 days away? Wow!

"If you're gonna leave, go on and go. Don't even look back when you hit the road. If that's how you feel about you and me. Now's a good time, so go on and leave. If it's gonna rain, I hope it pours..."

Waitin' on sunrise

Wow, I just got in. It's almost 3:30! That's two weekends in a row for me. What has gotten into me? I'm reverting to my younger days. The thing is, I'm not even that tired. I feel like I could stay up another hour or so. Oh well, better sign off now before I start babbling incoherently.

"In your world, I have no meaning, though I'm trying hard to understand. And it's my heart that's breaking, down this long distance line tonight. I ain't missing you at all, missing you, since you've been gone away. I ain't missing you, missing you, no matter what my friends say..."

Friday, November 07, 2003

Before I Go...

out for the night, just had a few thoughts to post. On Dr. Phil today (I need help!!!!) he had girls "Desperate to Get Married." A couple of the chicks were really cute, in their twenties, and clearly they are going to get married. But they were just so worried that they weren't. There were a lot of interesting points for a single guy such as myself to ponder. The main point, I think, and this is a maturity thing, is to ask yourself "Do you want to be married just to be married or just so you're no longer single?" That is the wrong reason. There were all the regular cliches you always hear. Find happiness in your own life. Be yourself. It's better to be happy and alone than married and miserable. How true though. Don't appear desperate, but on the other hand, you have to make yourself available to meet people. I have a couple of friends who almost never go anywhere. The main thing is to find happiness in whatever state you are in. It's a challenge, but the happiest people in the world can find contentment whatever their situation. Not that you settle for something, but be happy where you are, even while you may be striving to achieve something more. There are advantages to marriage, just as there are advantages to being single. Emphasize the good about your own personal situation. Chances are, there's a lot of good, if you just look. The grass is always greener on the other side, until you realize there's manure in that pasture, too. Wow, that's deep. LOL

If you look back on your failed relationships, they all have one common denominator--you. Be willing to accept some of the blame. Look at what you could've done better. If there are mistakes you can see you made, make a conscious effort to correct them. Granted there will occasionally be cases when we do all we can do, and something still doesn't work. You just have to accept that some people are generally sorry people and be glad you found out before you went too far. Don't let it drag you down, and don't dwell on it. Nothing will scare a guy off faster than a girl talking about getting married and how she never thinks she will. That immediately throws up a flag that something must be wrong. If you have questions or would like my advice, give me an email--the voice of single people everywhere. LOL

Changing thoughts... one thing I hate is drifting away from people... maybe a friend, family member, or someone you dated. I guess it's inevitable, but I don't like it. I'm sure we can all look back on our lives and see people who were such a big part of our life, six months ago, a year ago, or five years ago, and now we rarely or never talk to them. Well, I said it's inevitable. Some of it is. But a lot of times, both parties just stop making the effort. Sad. Alright, that's all for now. May your weekend be filled with interesting blog entries.

"Don't need nothin' but a good time. How can I resist? Ain't lookin' for nothin' but a good time. And it don't get better than this..."