Friday, January 09, 2004

Blogging More Frequently To Serve You Better... (slightly amended)

Went to the store for my mid-morning snack (and to fuel up on expensive gasoline). The cashier is like "Eleven forty-five." So I give him a ten and a one. He takes it, looks at it, tries to see if two bills are sticking together. Then I'm like, "Oh my bad" and give him another dollar. LOL What is wrong with me? Uh, doy!! I can't count to twelve.

Gas prices have shot up like 15 cents a gallon in the past three weeks around here. I acutally thought they might fall after the holidays, since fewer people would be traveling. Oh well. I've been wrong a few thousand times before. No biggie.

I almost forgot last night's celebrity sighting. There was a dead-on Stephen King look-a-like at Applebees. I mean, if anyone ever looked like anyone famous, this guy did. I've got to start taking my digital camera everytime I go out.

Saw my favorite gas station cashier/attendant Wednesday night. She was waving and smiling big as ever. People like that just cheer me up. Life's too short to spend all your time down, depressed, angry, bitter, or just discontent in general. Don't worry.. be happy.. now.. Oooooo ooo ooo ooo oooo.

I watched most all of The Daily Show last night, so I wouldn't miss Charlize. You know, that Jon Stewart is a pretty funny guy. I'll have to start watching that more often now, although it directly conflicts with the 10 PM SportsCenter and the 10 PM Seinfeld on 54. lol

Man, I'm not getting enough sleep at all. I've slept 5.5, 5.5, and 6.25 hours the past three nights. And last night was only more because I overslept an hour this morning:-\ And I haven't had time for any naps this week either. It's my own fault though, for staying up 'til nearly midnight, instead of getting to bed by 9 or 10. Night guy is really screwing morning guy...big time.

90 minutes til I'm outta here!! Today is Pizza Day. About to woof down some Dominoes and then work like crazy to get everything done so I can get outta here.

"From Carolina, down to Georgia. Smell the jasmine and magnolia. Sleepy sweet home Alabama. Roll Tide, Roll. Muddy water, Mississippi. Blessed Graceland whispers to me. Carry on, carry on, sweet southern comfort. Carry on..."

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