Friday, January 23, 2004

This Could Be My Last Blog Entry Ever...

...but, probably not. LOL

Lots to blog about from yesterday. Let's begin with Observations From Both Sides of a Bathroom Door. Ate at Logan's last night. Went to the bathroom. There are two doors, men's and women's, right. Well, this particular establishment has chosen to designate said bathrooms with the all-too-popular two-dimensional, solid-color, faceless human silhouette. I HATE this, because the difference between the "man" and the "woman" on these doors is miniscule. Oh, the woman's body slants from her shoulders to her waist at a 10 degree angle, while the man is just straight down. Oh, I see. Apparently, simply printing the words "Men" and "Women" in plain English would be too too complicated. Or maybe there are just a lot of illiterate people using these restrooms.

Another thing I'm not crazy about is the little sensor with the blinking light on the urinal. That's just a little too close to a hidden camera for my liking. Sometimes, I'll walk back and forth in front of it over and over, just to fool it. Seriously though, a small one-way black screen, with a little blinking light. If it were located anywhere else, wouldn't you think it was a surveillance camera?

Well that's about the most interesting portion of today's blog entry. So read on if you must, but it only gets worse from here. lol

Shot pool for awhile last night. K and I had some close games. Seven games. Won four. Lost three. Went to Applebees to eat, and as soon as I walked in, Shirley was like, "There's not anyone here that you're gonna want to sit with." So we left. LOL

Had a short wait for a table at Logan's. Then a long wait for food. Got there about 8:15. My food, which was a simple cheeseburger, came out after 9:00 PM. Our cute server didn't charge me for my salad to make up for the wait time. Might have to request her again.

Kyle won Celebrity Lookalikes last night, spotting Spike Lee in Logan's. Although he didn't seem to like my "Get on the bus" comment. What? My entries of a Tom Willis look-alike and the guy who played the boss on "Newsradio" didn't quite measure up. Oh well, I'll get 'em next time.

Chatted with Bunny for a bit, which led to the following:

Me: "Well, I was just calling to check in..."
B: "OK. Well I guess that means our conversation is over." LOL

Me: "Is everything OK. You need any advice or anything?"
B: "How to kill myself quickly."
Me: "Well, I've got some good news for you, my friend. You're in luck!"

Was just noticing the postcard Bunny sent me last night. There are six sentences on there, and she ended all six with an exclamation point. LOL Of course, that's kinda how she talks anyway, always bubbly and excited. Reminds me of a Seinfeld. I'll have to look it up later, but Elaine can't stand when people use too many exclamation points in writing.

Melody called to try and talk me into going on the lake house weekend getaway. I'm basically about split right now. If it was just one night, I'd have no problem going. But if I want to come back Saturday night, I have to drive up by myself. Shane called on my way home last night to say he had invited Leanna along. So, if she goes, I'll probably go, although I'm not sure what one thing has to do with the other. LOL

"The Apartment" ep of Seinfeld was on last night...

J: "You have no idea what an idiot is. Elaine just gave me a chance to get out and I didn't take it. This is an idiot."
G: "Is that right? I just threw away a lifetime of guilt-free sex, and floor seats for every sporting event in Madison Square Garden. So please, a little respect. For I am Costanza, lord of the idiots!" ROFL

So they're in this apartment watching the marathon go by below, and this lady by the window yells about this time, "You're all winners!" George responds, "But suddenly, a new contender has emerged." ROFL

"My car is in the front yard. And I'm sleeping with my clothes on. I came in thru the window last night, and you're.... gone...."

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