Sunday, January 11, 2004

Adventures in... Wal-Mart?

Ran by Wal-Mart last night to pick up a picture card for my camera, a CD burner, and a few other things. While I was looking at CD burners, I called Shane on the cell to see if he thought what I was thinking about getting was a good deal. Well, anyway, we talked about various computer/technical things for probably around 5 minutes, and there were a couple of other men on the aisle while this was going on. So anyhow, I got off the phone and was exiting the electronics department when one of the guys who had been standing by approached me and was like, "Excuse me." So I turned around, and he holding this TV/Computer Monitor converter thing and was like, "Do you know if this is what I need to transfer my VHS tapes to DVD?" So apparently, he figured I had much technical knowledge. I tried to help him best I could. But that was kinda funny, for some reason. Anyway, as soon as I left there, I found out one of my friends had an unused CD burner he'd bought and never used because he ended up just getting a whole new computer. So I think I'm going to take mine back.

Not done with the Wal-Mart adventures yet... I get to the front and every register is backed up at least 3-4 people deep (it's 6:00 PM on Saturday), and the majority of them have people with a bunch of groceries. So I get in line behind two women, both with buggies full of groceries, and one guy with just a couple of items. Well the lady in second turns to the guy in front of me and says, "Do you want to get in front of me" since he just has a few items. So he says, "No, I'm waiting on my wife. She's coming with more stuff." And I'm like, "Great." So then his wife shows up with a buggy full and treks up in front of me. Very considerately (she was kinda cute, too) she says to me, "You go in front of us" since I only had maybe 6 or 7 items. So when I got in front of them, the lady who was just about to check out her six hundred grocery items was like, "Is that all you have?" And I was like, "Yes ma'am." So she says, "Well, here, you go ahead of me." So I ended up waiting about five minutes, rather than 15 or 20. I thanked her as I left. That was cool. That's what this country is all about... getting me to the front of the line faster. lol No, seriously, very nice people. That really brightened up my evening.

Also saw Lori. She works up there in the photo place now. I didn't know that. I picked up a couple of Healthy Choice meals, too. I've liked the ones I've tried so far, better than the Lean Cuisine. Watched the Titans lose... 17-14. :-( So now, I guess I'm pulling for... um... wow, I really don't like any of the teams left. I think I'll pull for New England and Green Bay, a rematch of the '97 Super Bowl. (Is that right?)

"A table for two with soft candlelight. The words "I love you" somewhere in the night. I meant to do that. Does that mean a thing? If you wanted songs, then I meant to sing. I'd give you the world, if you'd give mine back. What I didn't do... I meant to do that..."

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