Friday, January 16, 2004

While rummaging thru crap yesterday...

...I found a little imitation, generic Pez dispenser that this lady had given out when we had cake and ice cream for someone's birthday when I was working at BellSouth a few years ago. Now, it's like half the size of a real Pez dispenser and doesn't automatically push up the candy. You have to pull the top up. Imitation Pez? What is up with that? A Pez costs like 99 cents or maybe a dollar ninety-nine. That's like imitation Juicy Fruit or something.

Big news of the day
Charlize Theron on Leno
A haiku for you

"She's got a body under that shirt, but all she wants to do is rub my face in the dirt..."

I have to be sure and be home in time to see that. Actually, it's probably more likely that I'd already be asleep by then, rather than not be home by then. lol

I find it a bit disturbing that I've watched part of On Air With Ryan Seacrest the past two days. John Mayer was on there Wednesday. So he asks him about Michael Jackson, and Mayer is like, "Well, anytime something like that happens, I like to separate the person into two people. Like when you're dating a girl and she goes nuts. I make two different people out of her. There's the original girl, who I liked. And the post-nuts girl." Amen, bruthah.

Donald Trump was on there, too. So Ryan had let audience members guess how much cash Trump had in his pocket, and they would give it to whoever got closest. Well, one chick guessed $20 billion. ROFL In cash? Well, this whole time, I am thinking, "this isn't how billionaires get to be billionaires, by giving away money." And sure enough, turns out Trump only has two dollars in his pocket. So the guy who is the producer of The Apprentice is on there, too, and he ends up giving away what's in his pocket, which turned out to be like four-hundred-and-some-odd dollars.

"Blue jeans sitting on the beach. Her dog's talking to me, but she's out of reach. She's got a body, under that shirt, but all she wants to do is rub my face in the dirt. Cos I can't dance..."

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