Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Incongruity Defined

Flintstones trivia fact o' the day: A rock is officially considered a boulder when it is at least ten inches in diameter.

Why can't everyone be more like my dog? I went out to see him yesterday, and he was so happy to see me. If I forget to go by one day, he doesn't get mad. In fact, he seems even more happy to see me the next day. It's like the best part of his entire day is the few minutes I come out to see him or feed him or whatever. He is getting old though :-( He is probably at least 11 or 12.

Tuesday recap: Did laundry to completion. Studied a bit. Actually watched a bit of American Idol (thanks for getting me started on that). Simon is my hero. lol Went by Cardinal to get some dinner. Went by to see my sister. She was online, so we ordered some stuff from AE online. They had some hugemondo (<-- made-up word) sale prices going on... shirts from $9.99-$14.99. Watched a little of the State of the Union. As one of my female friends said yesterday when I asked who she was voting for, "I know who I'm NOT voting for." lol Exactly.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason the Super Bowl is such a let down because it is so over-hyped--to the point that it would be virtually impossible to live up to the hype. I mean, when there's a big game, college football, or whatever, I don't need two weeks of hype to get excited. It's the Super Bowl. Everyone knows how big it is. Another thing I wonder about is the SB commercials. For the most part, they're so clever and interesting, yet most of them only run for a very short time, if at all, after the SB. They immediately go back to the same drab, boring commercials that cause us to flip channels.

K, that's all I can think of for now. Oh no, hang on, some funny lines from Seinfeld last night (The Bottle Deposits):

Steinbrenner (as George is being carried away to the mental hospital): "They're gonna take you away to a nice place where you can get some help. They're very friendly people there. My brother-in-law was there for a couple of weeks. The man was obsessed with lactating women. They completely cured him, although he still eats a lot of cheese..." ROFL

Wow, that was messed up. I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean.

"If you're gone, maybe it's time to come home. There's an awful lot of breathing room, but I can hardly move. If you're gone, maybe you need to come home. There's a little bit of something me, in everything in you..."

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