Monday, January 26, 2004

Late night recap...

Napped a bit this afternoon, from about 4:30-6:00. Wasted a beautiful day outside by not going running or anything. Weighed this evening... 180. That's about as high as I want to get. It's just harder to exercise in the winter.

Headed to Applebees tonight. Met Kyle up there. Sat with Beth. She is moving into a house with her sister and another friend this weekend. Turns out they're gonna be living like a block from Donna and like 2 minutes from Kyle. Got two compliments on my boggan, from Jade and Beth. LOL That was kinda neat. Ran to Wal-Mart for a few groceries after that. Saw a guy and girl I played softball with a couple of years ago up there.

Checked prices for the WPBA tourney tonight. Looks like Saturday's tickets are gonna be $30. And Sunday's are priced at $25 and $40. Looking forward to that. K reminded me of a couple more funny moments from the other night. I sorta blew a gasket when we were looking for a place to eat Saturday afternoon. I promise though Melody said O'Charley's like 6 or 8 times, at least, and no one else had even mentioned anywhere. So finally, I snapped and was like, "Alright Melody!!! We get the idea!!! Good grief!! You've said it like ten times already!!!" Oops. LOL Everyone kinda got quiet, and just sorta looked around, like, where did that come from, cos I'm like always so laid back and easy going. It was funny.

K has really got me listening to my old Vertical Horizon CD, since he included some of the songs that I never listened to on the Friends video. So now I'm diggin' most of the album. Thinking about looking for some of their older stuff. K, I'm going to bed.

"Cos I don't know how and I don't know where, we are, we are. And I don't know why, and I don't know if, we are, we are..."

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