Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Fifteen Minutes in a Subway

Here's a little slice of life from earlier tonight...

I went to pay my cell phone bill, then headed to Subway for a sandwich. Got there about 6:00. I figured I'd get in, get out, eat my sandwich, and be on my way to church by 6:40. Well, when I walked in, there were two people in front of me. The lady in front of me got three hot sandwiches. They only have one microwave in there, so they can only heat up one at a time. Meanwhile, the guy at the front of the line had some kind of coupon. He had gotten 3 foot-long sandwiches for like $10.99 or something, and the girl at the register couldn't figure up how to ring it up. We'll call her Girl A. So she had to wait until this other girl (we'll call her Girl B), who was fixing my sandwich and the lady's in front of me, was done making all our sandwiches to show her how to ring up his order.

Well, after I'd been in there five or ten minutes, they start yelling out this name. Turns out there is another girl there (we'll call her Girl C), and she has been in the bathroom the whole time! So she comes out, gets like a trash bag or something. I don't know, I lost track of her. Next thing I know, they're yelling for Girl C again, and she has made it back into the bathroom. It was only as I was leaving that she had finally come out, washed her hands and was starting to fix a sandwich. By this time, there were like three more people in line behind me. So anyhow, back to Girl A and the guy at the front of the line. If I was in there 15 minutes, this poor guy must've been in there 20 or more. Then, he must've paid with a hundred, and Girl A had to get Girl B to go in the back to the office to get change. Sheesh. So he leaves, then Girl A can't get the register to close. So we're just standing there. Finally, after she slams it ten or fifteen times, it closes. Then, just as I'm about to reach the front of the line, Girl C walks by and knocks my sandwich in the floor, scattering it everywhere. (OK, that last part never happened. No one knocked my sandwich in the floor. LOL) But still, it was quite an ordeal, don't you think. So, I got home at like 6:20. Didn't even get to finish all my food, cos I had to change clothes. And to top it all off, something in my sandwich tasted a bit funky. LOL

All this, just so whatever I do tomorrow, I can say, "It's alright. I had Subway last night." LOL And the best part of it all.... it gave me something to blog about.

Random side note, I think this Kristin Davis that is going to be on Letterman here in a few minutes may be the chick who played Jerry's girlfriend, Jenna, on Seinfeld. He drops her toothbrush he drops in the toilet, and before he can tell her, she's using it. LOL Then she later reappears, dating Bania. I think that's her. She's apparently on Sex and the City, which I've only seen about 3 minutes of once.

"If that's how it's gonna leave, straight out from underneath, then we'll see who's sorry now. If that's how it's gonna end, when you know you've been depending on the one you're leaving now..."

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