Sunday, January 18, 2004

Diurnal Blog-ocity

I keep going thru cycles where I tell myself I'm not going to post simply recaps of what I do each day, then I get back in the rut and catch myself doing it. Oh well.

So, I'm sitting here watching Jeanette Lee versus Karen Corr in billiards action (as opposed to jello wrestling action?) on ESPN. It's been a cool weekend so far. Didn't get in this morning until about 2:45. Went to church this morning. So, suffice it to say I'm a little tired. Went over to eat lunch with the family. Getting ready for the football games. They start late today, at like 2:30, I think. Again, I'm pulling for New England and Carolina. So, don't expect either of them to win. lol

You know what I think is a good idea? Having like a small monitor on fax machines. And they could have a preview mode, where you can see what is coming across, then if it's just stuff that's going to use up ink and paper, you can refuse it. Do they already have those? Maybe they do, and maybe our fax machine is just a piece of crap. If not, I want a piece of that action.

I wanna be a writer, and a stand-up comedian, and write books and a newspaper column, and people will read me and I'll be known like Ann Landers and Heloise. "Dear Bone" or maybe "Dear Nibbler". lol I have trouble sometimes writing material. The main reason is probably because I don't spend near enough time on it. Of course, I am sure most full-time writers even have trouble from time to time, thus the term writer's block. But I feel like I'm just more naturally funny and able to make random funny comments in a group setting where I'm fairly comfortable. Who knows. Maybe I am not funny at all. Maybe I am very depressing and even though they would never tell me to my face, as soon as I leave, I make people cry.

In closing, talked to Bunny yesterday. She had sent me a postcard with a picture of the beach on it, so I called to thank her. Oh man, the football game just came on, and it's snowing there!!! I want it to snow here!!!! No fair. K, I'm gonna go and watch some of the game.

"On the coast of somewhere beautiful, trade winds blowin' thru her hair. Sunlight dancin' on the water, and I wish I was there. Don't know how I'm gonna find her. All I know so far, she's on the coast of somewhere beautiful... runnin' with my heart..."

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