Monday, December 08, 2003

What a Beautiful Day

I'm thinkin' I am going to go running, to take advantage of the rather warm day (upper 50s) this time of year. Later, I have to return a shirt, because they left the little plastic security thing on it. Yet it never set off the security alarm when I left the store. Or maybe it did. I was wondering why those cop cars were following me... what? I need to get some Christmas cards to send out, too, and pick up a few more gifts. I'm not nearly done with my shopping.

I was reading someone's blog the other day (I'll have to find the link later), and they were ranting about how these new video game consoles only come with one freakin' controller. What is the deal with that? What kind of psycho only plays video games by himself his whole life? OK, I'm sure there are some. But normal kids have friends over. Old school consoles, like Nintendo and Atari, came with two controllers. Who decided to only include one, thus meaning you have to spend another 30-40 bucks just for a second controller. I guess maybe you can have a BYOC party. ROFL Throw in the extra controller. Good grief. You're already mass producing these games, which costs dollars to produce, and selling them for 50 bucks. OK, I'm done.

Completely changing subjects... Living alone, I'll sometimes prepare to go to the bathroom before I'm actually safely inside the confines of the bathroom. So last week, I caught myself beginning to undo my belt at work before I got to the bathroom. Weird. lol Ever happen to anyone else? No? OK, I didn't think so. lol

"Promises mean everything when you're little, and the world is so big. I just don't understand how, you can smile with all those tears in your eyes. Tell me everything is wonderful now. Na naaa na na na naaaa naa...."

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