Friday, December 19, 2003

Me and Danny Glover

Recapping the past 18 hours... Went to the mall for a bit before our work Christmas party last night. Picked up a few more Christmas gifts. Ran into Roxanne, who I used to work with, so that was neat. Ran by BAM after that, but couldn't find what I was lookin' for. Then headed to the party. It was OK, except I was one of only like two guys who showed up dateless. Blech! One of our waitresses was hot though, so that was cool. My steak wasn't the best. They're usually pretty good there. I guess when you're cooking for 35 people, quality sometimes gets sacrificed.

The funny moment of the night, for me, happened at the party. One guy was leaving, and I remarked that he favored Rodney Dangerfield. Randy was like, "Yeah! I've been trying to figure out who he looked like, and that's it!" See, I have this uncanny ability to pick out celebrity look-alikes. Anyway, that prompted this other lady to say, "I figured out who you reminded me of the other night. But I'm afraid you might be offended."

So the dialogue went like this:
Me: "Well as long as it isn't George W. Bush..."
Her: "No." (she begins rubbing her cheeks)
Me: "Or Michael Jackson."
Her (laughing): "No."
Me: "It's not a woman is it?"
Her: "No. I'm just afraid it might offend you."
Me: "It's not gonna offend me. Go ahead."
Her: "It's that guy that always plays in the shoot-em-ups with Mel Gibson. What's his name?"
Me: "Danny Glover?"
Her: "Yeah, Danny Glover! We were watching one of his old movies, when he was young, and he reminded me of you."

Wow, that's a first. ROFL Well, we were all laughing. What the crap is that? It didn't offend me. I thought it was funny, being white as I am and all. lol But now I'm gonna have to look around the internet for some old pictures of him, and see if I notice the resemblance.

I can already see my rap career taking off.. I'm like a white Danny Glover/I'm a fighter not a lover/My lethal weapon you'll discover/Make ya wanna run for cover. WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Anyhow, after the party, I headed to Wal-Mart to try and finish up shopping. Got some stocking stuffers and several other things. I don't know which is worse, fighting the shoppers at Wal-Mart, or going after 10:00 at night and fighting the stock people. It was like driving my buggy through a war zone--boxes flying everywhere, big ammo dumps (pallets) out in the middle of the aisles. Anyway, I'm a couple of hundred bucks lighter after last night, and still have one or two more gifts to get. Now, I've just got to wrap everything I bought last night, along with a couple of gifts I didn't wrap during my first gift-wrapping session Tuesday. lol

Health update: Been coughing more. It started as a really dry cough, but last night and today, there's been more phlegm. (Why do they even call it "phlegm"? It's basically snot in your throat. That's what it seems like to me.) Maybe that didn't gross anyone out.

It's finally Friday!!!! Heeeeeeeey Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

"My baby don't mess around, because she loves me so. And this I know fo sho'. But does she really wanna. But can't stand to see me walk out the do'..."

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