Monday, December 01, 2003

Eeezzaaaayyy... easy like Monday morning

Reading blogs... drinkin' a YooHoo. Today's trivia: Who drove a Yoo Hoo truck on Seinfeld? (answer below)

The king is dead... Socialist-sympathizer KYLE has finally given in to the pressures of our Alternate Blog Boycott and has terminated his second blog. To those who stood strong with the BlogNation (aka B-NATO) during this intense blockade, I say thank you. I think we pushed the atomic clock several notches closer to midnight a few times, but in the end, we have found peace. As the great blogger Blogston Churchill once said, "No man deserves two blogs. A blog divided against itself cannot stand. I blog, therefore I am." Or something like that.

Wow, that was one whacked out paragraph right there. We have to plan a trip to Nashville soon to see the lights. If you've never been to OPRYLAND HOTEL, especially at Christmas-time, go. Go inside. Walk around outside. It's really a cool place this time of year. Tell them you know me... on second thought, don't. I'll never forget when we were security up there that one year. That was pretty cool.

Trivia answer: The bubble boy's dad drove a Yoo Hoo truck.

"One of these days you're gonna love me. You'll sit down by yourself and think, about the times you turned from me. And what good friends we might have been. And then you're gonna sigh a little, maybe even cry a little. But one of these days you're gonna love me..."

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