Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Recent Referrals

Last 100 Referrers:

(23) J-Mo
(21) Kyle
(18) Google
(12) Bookmarks/manual URL entry
(10) My AOL homepage
(5) Eric
(2) Stan the Caddy
(1) Daypop

Recent search strings... (You gotta like all the Festivus love that's in the me chills) I always find these interesting anyhow:

+song with the lyrics "i'm sleepin with my clothes on"
+illegal downloads
+festivus bagel
+aol commercial jerry stiller snoop dog seinfeld
+happy festivus seinfeld pics
+festivus traditions
+"holli white"
+amber blog jerry
+"35% of Americans do it in the kitchen or on the dining room table, while 27% do it in th
+AOL "Snoop Dogg" "Jerry Stiller"
+festivus audio seinfeld
+kramer festivus shirts
+lyrics "everything is wonderful now " -Everclear
+words to live by elim chew movie
+applebees tv commercials clips
+charlie bone's dad
+aol fish "Jerry stiller"
+"I was standing you were there two worlds colliding"

"Catchin' catfish on the river. Chasin' fireflies by the creek. Kissin' Debbie Williams' sister on the porch Homecoming Week. With rusty cars and weeping willows keepin' watch out in the yard. Just a snapshot of downhome Dixie, could be anywhere you are..."

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