Sunday, December 21, 2003

Long Time, No Blog

Wow, I haven't blogged like all day. lol Did ya miss me? Been trying to rest up today. Still coughing some. It's always a lot worse in the mornings, and gets better as the day wears on. I basically haven't done anything today. Fixed some Lean Cuisine spaghetti for lunch, and watched Dallas beat the Giants 19-3. Then I watched the end of the Saints/Jags game. Wow! NO had like four or five laterals as time expired to score a touchdown, and all they needed was the extra point to tie it up, and the kicker missed it. I bet he's a popular guy right about now.

Last night, headed over to D-town. J-MO and I went to RUBY TUESDAY'S to grab some dinner. I had the New Orleans Seafood. The food was great. The service was less-than-satisfactory. Basically had to beg the waiter for water. J-MO had to get up and go get some extra crackers because they only brought one pack. Some people just aren't cut out to be in the food service industry. Oh well, can't beat the service at your hometown APPLEBEES. lol After that, headed over to Books-a-Mil for a bit. Thought about buying four or five different books, but decided it was too close to Christmas. Dropped J-MO off around 9, then stopped by MATT'S to watch the BAMA basketball game. It was an exciting game. They won on a shot with 4 seconds left. Got home around 12:45. I wrapped all my remaining gifts last night. So now I've got a nice, neatly stacked stash of goodies 'neath my tree.

Oh, I finally saw a Salvation Army bell-ringer outside of Wal-Mart yesterday. That's the first time I've seen one all year. I don't know if they just don't have enough volunteers or what, but usually they're out early and often in December. It's funny, when I was younger, I used to try and avoid them and feel bad. Now, I look for them and give, and feel like I'm not doing near enough.

Thinking about maybe picking up another gift or two for Christmas. It may come down to whether or not I get a bonus check in the next two days. lol That's about it for now.

"When you get home she'll start to cry. When she says I'm sorry, say so am I. And look into those eyes so deep in love, and drink it up. Cos that's the good stuff..."

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