Wednesday, December 10, 2003

1000th Visitor!

Congrathulathonth to dith blogth one-thouthandth gueth! You have won free access for a year to "If You Read Only One Blog This Year." lol Seriously, I just noticed we had the 1000th visitor earlier today. I was looking back at the other blogs. The AF count is at 1900+, and my original blog was at 2200+. It all adds up to 5200+ hits since I began blogging in May. Definitely not the biggest. But probably not the smallest either. Thanks for reading. I hope my blog is getting more interesting and improving day-by-day. That always brings the question.. why do you blog? Why do I blog? I think a main reason is to keep up with friends. It's cool to have a new forum for thoughts, ponderings, and to discuss the latest events, both newsworthy and on a personal level.

I also noticed, since I haven't been blogging on AF in about six weeks, all the hits were from search engines. And at least half of them had something to do with the song "Sweet Southern Comfort." For some reason, it's still not getting a lot of airplay, but everyone who hears it, loves it. I might post lyrics later since there seems to be a lot of interest.

As for now, I'm 'bout to get me some Cappy D's fish and shrimp for dinnah! Mmmm... greeeezy!

"But I would walk five hundred miles. And I would walk five hundred more, to be the man who walked five hundred miles to fall down at your door..."

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