Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kind Acts of Randomness

Bloggin' away like a 21st Century Anne Frank...

I got a couple of nice comments on my doughnut story, from female readers at that ;-) Thanks. There's nothing simpler, yet more encouraging and uplifting, than a compliment, whatever it may be. I should compliment more. Find something good to say about someone, and say it. That's a good rule. A simple compliment really cheers you up.

Remember when you'd have dental education day in school, and you'd get a new toothbrush and you'd chew those tablets and get that stuff all over your plaque-y teeth, and couldn't get it off?

I actually wore a short-sleeve shirt while working outside ayer. It was nice. I really enjoy working outside, whatever it is. You can't beat some nice invigorating manual labor.

The GM came in today to get some reports and he had like acute bronchitis with signs of impending dementia. If I don't get sick after that, I will be really thankful. So far, I have been blessed and have not come down with any of the massive sickness that is going around. My hermit-like lifestyle probably helps. lol

Night last on was Seinfeld backwards the. lol
"Oh boy, there's Sue Ellen. She didn't want me at this wedding, but here I am with a buch of my idiot friends!"
"This is gonna be great!!"

You know, I do need to work on being more charitable year-round, not just around the holidays. It's a weakness.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a good friend. Am I overly critical? Am I dependable? Would I want a friend like me? That is really the question right there, isn't it? Sometimes I may be critical, but it is always out of care and concern for my friends. Then again, a big part of being a friend is accepting your friend's flaws, right? No one likes being around people who are always pointing out others flaws, yet in their eyes, seem to have none of their own. I have known, and know, people like that. You just want so bad to say, "Hey jerk! Look in the mirror." lol

"And there's a storm that's raging in my frozen heart tonight. I ain't missing you at all, since you've been gone away..."

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