Friday, December 26, 2003

Is anyone working today?

Seems like I am the only person working today. Hardly anyone has been online this morning. Ran to the bank today when I went out for my mid-morning snack. Transferred all of the contents of my old wallet into my new wallet (aka: checkbook holder, organizer, friend). Found some pretty old receipts in there. One from O'Charley's from January. I think TIFFANY and I must've gone there, cos it was like $29, so there would've had to . Found one from September 2002 from Applebees. My meal was like $9 and I tipped $2. Boy, those were the days. Seems like my tip percentage continues to rise steadily, like the mercury in a thermometer on an early September day, like the national debt, like the subscription cost at Oh wait, what? ROFL

Random exchange from yesterday:

"Do you remember how to tight-roll?"
Me: "Do I remember how to tight-roll? I'm king of the 80's. I remember when Kirk Cameron was cool. Of course I remember how to tight-roll." lol

Gonna try to get my printer set up. However, I'm not sure it'll be compatible with my ancient UNIVAC 7000 computer. lol 1200 bps, babee! The only way to surf.

BUNNY called last night. Was trying to figure out a time when we could all get together for our annual (or now closer to semi-annual) Christmas gathering. KYLE mentioned doing it at APPLEBEES (what a shock.. lol) sometime this afternoon. We'll see. I've got BUNNY'S gifts from this year and last, so if she doesn't get them this year, I'm not buying anything next year. lol KYLE made a kickin', awesome video of all our trips, get-togethers, and stuff over the past four years, and it would really be better if all of us could watch it together, I think. Oh well. People are busy.

"But that was yesterday, wasn't it? And things are so different now. So i was right not to ever tell you, because i guess i always knew, it never really would've had a chance to grow. And though i'll use my better judgment again, and never mail this letter, I still kinda wanted you to know..."

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