Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Happy Happy Birthday...

...from Bone's blog to you
I wish it was my birthday
So I could party, too...

Actually, I'm glad it's not my birthday, cos birthdays suckie-poo. ROFL

Happy birthday to my good buddy and fellow blog-junkie, Kyle. He is 29 today. Go by and check out his website. That'll cheer him up, I guess. lol Everyone is invited out to celebrate tonight at 7 at the Establishment of Tasty Delights, also known as APPLEBEES.

Concerning the passing of time, my friend, Eric, composed this little song...

"Remember how it used to be in the Third Grade? We used to laugh and play and cherish each day in the Third Grade. We learned wondrous things from our teacher so nice. Sat on marshmallow desks with teddy bear smiles. The world seemed to all make sense. But that sense seems to slowly fade, after Third Grade..."

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