Monday, December 22, 2003

Deliver The Toys!

Here's a little Christmas game to try.

Oh yeah, I am waiting for a gift from Amazon, which is coming UPS ground. For those of you unfamiliar, UPS ground is also known as "our slowest possible means of delivery." It is the slowest way to send or receive a parcel, but I clicked on "delivery by Christmas eve" and that's how they sent it. So we shall see if/when the camel arrives with my package. lol

I need to clean out my closets and drawers. Like seriouslah, dude. Otherwise, I fear that after Christmas, my 'partment is going to be more overcrowded than the United States prison system.

"Well I guess I've changed but yeah, couldn't you, given all we've been thru. Heaven knows I've been around and around. And I guess I'll strain, well how 'bout that? Here's my life, here's a doorstep. Well, heaven knows I've been around and around..."

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