Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nappy Nappy

Slept from about 2:45 until 5:30 today, trying to rest and recuperate. I just don't want whatever it is to be or turn into pneumonia. However, I do have to be out tonight. I want to tell Dad that I can't help him tonight, but I'm just not good at stuff like that. What is that? I'm not a work-a-holic. But I have a problem calling in sick, telling people no, even when I feel like crap. I've worked every day this week, and left an hour early only on Monday. Oh well. I'll probably pay for it someday.

I just tried this Dole Caesar Salad Mix. It comes with the dressing, parmesan, and crutons all. It's actually pretty good. Much better than the other garden salad mixes I've tried. Remind me to tell you sometime about the time I found a live bug under my roll at Shoney's. Not long after that, all the Shoney's around here started going out of business. I promise I had nothing to do with it.

Our company Christmas party is tomorrow night at Oh! Bryan's. They asked for a count today of how many people were coming, because a lot of people have been sick. I said I'd be there. I mean, yeah, I need to rest. But you only have one company Christmas party a year. Plus, it's like two businesses combined, and ours is much smaller. So I gotta show up and represent. ROFL

That reminds me of a funny thing that happened a week or so ago at APPLEBEES. JESSICA was trying to get someone to go out with her, and I told DAVINA, "You can go." And she's like, "I don't have any clothes." I said, "Well you can wear your Applebees shirt." And she was like, "I don't care. I'll represent!" lol Plus, it's in her country-sounding accent. It was funny.

"I got a hole in me now. Yeah I got a scar I can talk about. She keeps a picture of me, in her apartment in the city. Some things in this world man they don't make sense. Some things you don't need until they leave you. Then they're things that you miss..."

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