Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I was dreaming when I wrote this...

...forgive me if it goes astray.

Nice lil get-2-gather at APPLEBEES for KYLE'S B-DAY last night. Thanks to everyone for coming. TAG, TRACY, SHAMA, NAMIE, KYLE, and I were there. Just happened to be Tag & Tracy's 3rd wedding anniversary as well, so that was cool. I tell you, they are absolutely two of the nicest people I know. Hadn't seen Shama in quite a while either. We all need to get together more often. BUNNY was sick with some funk (hopefully not mad cow), so she couldn't come. And SHANE'S wife wouldn't let him come. WOOOOOOOO!!! Tag was checkin out Namie's new Sony digital cam. He picked it up and was filming a mini-movie within like 30 seconds. lol

We really got shafted on the seating arrangements. SHIRLEY said we'd be sitting with TRACY, so I thought "OK, well we won't get freebies, but at least she sorta knows us and she's cute." Well, we sit down at table 41. Tracy: "Wow, you know all the table numbers." lol And ROB comes out to take our drink orders. So T & T order sweet tea, then it's around to Kyle. He gives this look like, "Nuh uh", and says "Water. So I also get water. lol They were really packed out. DAVINA was like our only "regular" server working. No Donna. No Beth. No Jessica. No Kristina. There was a wait at the door basically the whole time we were in there. I didn't figure a Tuesday night would be so crowded. Oh well. Staying with my "Eat Mor' Chikin/Ward Off Mad Cow" diet, I had the N'Awlins Skillet... chicken, sausage, and shrimp, with rice and onions and peppers. Oh man, I gave Kyle a card saying a charitable donation had been made in his name to the Human Fund. Hopefully, he will scan it in and post it online. It's pretty funny stuff.

We had some good conversation as usual. Namie said a couple of things that caused Kyle to remark, I don't believe I've ever heard a man say that. Namie's two statements were: "Ice cream goes right to my hips." Yikes! And, referring to his roomate, "He'a s stud." ROFL Double yikes! That was some funny stuff right there.

Otherwise, finished up laundry, spent about an hour and a half finishing up the year end recap for work. Didn't get in the bed til around 12:30. So I have no idea how I'll make it til midnight tonight. We were all laughing last night about how a few years ago, your night was just really getting started at midnight. Now, it's all most of us can do to stay awake til 12. lol I remember last year, I probably fell asleep by 12:30. Shama was like, "It just happens to you all of a sudden." Yes, it does. Yes it does.

I need to make some resolutions. Aim for the moon, and if you miss, you'll end up among the stars. What kind of crap is that? I say, shoot low, set your goals incredibly low, that way you won't fail. Sheesh. Stay tuned for more on my motivational methods, and how you can obtain a copy of my book "You're Only A Failure If You Set Your Goals Too High." lol

I want it to snow. Like ten inches. I want to make snow cream, and a snow man. I want to go back to NY this year. I want to move. Sometimes when I'm outside, I'll pretend I'm the only person left on Earth. And I can do whatever I want. I have to rely on myself and the land to survive. Sometimes though, when I'm driving like I'm the only person left on Earth, other people get upset.

Don't know what's going on tonight. Talked to AMBER last night. Sounds like she's going to Huntsville for New Year's. I haven't heard anything else about the Nashville thing. So that may be off. I'll end up doing something. Hope everyone has a safe night. Be careful out thur. 27% of Americans plan to be intoxicated by the end of the night tonight, and most of them will be doing it out somewhere, not at home.

"I've been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long. I'm movin' on..."

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