Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Errand boy

Well, I've been doing laundry all afternoon... excitement! Need to run by the grocery store and CVS to pick up a few things. Heading to APPLEBEES about 6:45 tonight for KYLE'S birthday.

That's about it. Still haven't figured out anything definite for New Year's. BUNNY'S laid up sick, so it looks like she's out on the Nashville trip. We shall see. I can vividly remember my past four New Years. Last year was in MEMPHIS. Two years ago was in NASHVILLE. Three years ago was the snowstorm party at KYLE'S. And four years ago we wound up in some field, around a campfire. That was for Y2K. Alright, I can't remember '98, but I imagine it was with Bobbie.

I'm out. Have a good evening.

"Ycan't take me anywhere. Pretty soon, we're almost there. Baby one more night. It's been a long, long drive. And I'm way, way tired. I don't need no backup plan. Say, I don't want nobody. Nobody don't want me...."

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