Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Guess I'll pat myself on the back...

...since there's no one else here to do it. This will probably be boring, but it'll give you an idea of what I've been up to since getting off work. I think I'm normally a little self-deprecating, but I feel like I've gotten some things accomplished today:

- Vacuumed out and washed the truck
- Did all my laundry. Folded, ironed, and put everything up
- Cleaned out the dog's pen (blech!)
- Finished decorating the Christmas tree
- Worked an hour and a half trying to install a new printer my sister bought (For some reason Windows won't pick up the driver off the installation disk.)
- Wrote, addressed, and mailed Christmas cards (If you don't get one, then I probably don't have your address. Either that, or the last time I sent you one, you took legal action against me. LOL What?)

And now I've just put the bed sheets on the bed. I am going to lie down and study, or at least read a bit. *sigh* I'm tired. And Wednesdays are always my busiest day. Remember when you could just sit around for hours, playing video games, talking on the phone, surfing the net... I think maybe I vaguely do. lol Nite.

"He said, Bill, I believe this is killing me, as a smile ran away from his face. Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star, if I could get out of this place..."

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