Thursday, December 11, 2003

Slow down...

Today's trivia: 35% of Americans do it in the kitchen or on the dining room table. Only 27% do it in the bedroom. Most do it at night. And a few even pay to have it done. What is it? (answer below)

Looks like things may finally start to slow down a bit this afternoon. Of course, that's taking into consideration I don't have half my shopping done. I'm probably 25% thru, if that. But I love shopping for others, so that's really a joy. I do need to undertake a major cleanup project at the bunkhouse. There are mucho clothes that I can't or don't wear anymore. I need to do some massive space clearing work in that area, take some to Goodwill, and probably throw most away. Notice I say need to. I am searching for motivation, cos it will take awhile.

"The Apology" ep of SEIN was on last night. lol Jason Hanke is going thru the 12 steps and is on Step 9: Making Amends. George is expecting an apology for a remark Hanke made years ago that George's bulbous head would stretch out the neckhole is his finely-knit cashmere sweater. lol Of course, he doesn't get it quite the way he wants. lol JERRY discovers the difference between good naked and bad naked. KRAMER'S showers take him an hour. So first he tries to shorten them. Then he decides to live in his shower. lol The site of KRAMER taking notes as guys shower at the YMCA is hilarious! lol "Now see, that's smart. Constant motion. Wow! Oh yeah, I'm watching you. But this guy's really showing me something." ROFL Great fun for all germophobes!

Looks like Stan the Caddy has posted some FESTIVUS tips as well.

Trivia answer: Wrap their Christmas gifts.

"Like a lot of kids do I spent most of my youth, in a hurry to grow up. Chasing money and dreams as a young man it seemed, nothing happened fast enough. But now I'm much too busy always running late. Seems there's never enough hours in the day. Slow down... It feels like time is flying by me now. I'm not asking for this crazy old world to stop spinning around and around. Just slow down..."

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