Monday, December 22, 2003

First Day of Winter (also: Festivus Eve)

Wow, it's the first official day of winter, and the temps here are supposed to be in the sixties. Something tells me we're not having a white Christmas 'round these parts. I love the winter--cold, dark, gray, things dying. It's so exhilarating. I did see a most beautiful sunrise on the way in this morning. Pink, yellow, orange, blue, gray, purple... so many colors.

Mom had cooked supper last night, so I went over there to eat. Otherwise, just tried to rest all day and evening. I'm tired of coughing. I may try to drop by APPLEBEES tonight and spread my Christmas cheer. lol This will probably be my only chance before Christmas, cos the next three days will be packed. I'll probably go shopping, too. I don't really need to get anything else, but I just like being in the stores the last day or two before Christmas, to see if anyone drops any change or anything. Oh wait. Seriously though, that's what it's all about, the last-minute shoppers, seeing Santa in the mall, the little kids all bundled up where you can barely see their faces. All that's missing is the snow. And usually, I end up buying more gifts anyway. Economically, it probably is the best time to shop, because the retailers realize, "Oh, so you're not gonna pay that much for this crap. OK, we'll mark it 50% off, so we don't have to box it up til next Christmas." lol I just wish I could box up these next four days and save them, or just make them last a little longer than I know they will.

Festivus preparations should be nearly done, for those of you celebrating A Festivus For The Rest Of Us this year. After tomorrow, it will be time to take down the aluminum pole. The feats of strength will all be over. And someone will have to live with the shame of being pinned for the next 364 days.

Oh, here's one to check off your list of possible come-on lines: "Uh excuse me. You've got something between your teeth." Doesn't work so well. ROFL What?

"And the winter calls me back to another time and place. On the cold December nights I can still see your face. And I run from it. I run as fast as I can. But it always catches up in the end. So I turn and face the cold, winter wind. And I'm alone. And I think of you again..."

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