Friday, December 19, 2003

Obscure Seinfeld Story (Month-Old News)

I was surfing around on TV-to-me's Seinfeld page today, and ran across this. I know it's a little old. Kellie Waymire, who played Vivian, on "The Blood" episode of Seinfeld, passed away last month at like 36. Ironically, her character on the show was having some health problems and told Elaine that if the worst happened, it was nice to know she could count on Elaine to take care of her son. Hmm...

Gonna try to wrap most, if not all, of my remaining gifts today. Then maybe I can rejoin the billiards tour tonight. We did not get a bonus today, as I thought we would. So hopefully Monday or Tuesday. I sort of overspent, counting on that bonus check coming in at some point. lol Oops.

Went by the bank on my way in, and my check flew out of the tray, before the teller closed it. It was the cute teller, Tasha. And she looked at me and was like, "We HAVE to have that." lol So she went out the back door and came around the building. Fortunately, my check had gotten stopped up against the curb somehow. So she went back around and went inside. Aww, that was so sweet. She was gonna help me chase my check. :-)

"I was thinking I was angry, but I let it go. I was waiting for a miracle, but nothing showed..."

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