Saturday, December 13, 2003


Quick post today because I've got to get dressed and head up to NASHVILLE...

Finally got to see "Elf" last night. It was pretty good. I would recommend it. However, it was in the crappy movie theater. Now I know why nobody ever wants to see a movie when it is playing at that theater. There were stains all over the seats. Some looked like gum. Some were indeterminate. The seats were all tilted at different angles. There were a couple of seats, where the cloth had been ripped off and there was just some yellow foam. One seat was totally missing. And there was this smell of popcorn butter, human bodily fluids, and just general mustiness which permeated every corner of the theater. It looked like some 1970's movie theatre museum. I think "Grease" was originally shown there. lol

OK, I'm off to do some shopping, play some billiards, and probably get conned into some sort of work with Look Mom Videos. lol

"I wonder how you sleep. I wonder what you think of me. If I could go back, would you have ever been with me? I want you to be uneased. I want you to remember. I want you to believe in me. I want you on my side..."

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