Monday, December 01, 2003

Progress Report

Well going into this afternoon, I had several things on the agenda:

Get oil changed
Go running
Nap (how'd that get in there)
Clean house
Put up tree
Pay bills

I managed to accomplish the first four. Well, I cleaned a little. I figure I'll put up my tree and stuff while I'm doing laundry tomorrow. Wow, I bet you really wanted to know all that. And suddenly we have a contender for the most boring blog entry of the year. lol

Anyhow, it's been a mildly productive day. I'm really ready to do some Christmas shopping. AMBER stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon. My sister called and said they had saved a plate of supper for me, so I went over there and heated up some home cookin'. One of my friends has invited me over for Saturday night. His wife is cooking and they are having some people over to eat and watch football. Maybe I can get up to Nashville either Friday after work, or Sunday afternoon. We'll see.

Well I'm gonna write out a few bills, watch a little more MNF (my second and third favorite teams are playing), and head to bed. I gotta revamp things. No one wants to read this stuff. lol

"Merry Christmas Alabama, where I started this wild and crazy run. Such a long way, from that first birthday. Merry Christmas everyone..."

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