Monday, December 15, 2003


Rough night last night. I kept waking up, feeling like I was about to gag because of the sore throat and congestion, I suppose. Seems like I woke up at least three or four times. Anyhow, enough complaining.

Wow, Tracy, Davina, Beth, and Jess were all looking cute in their little Santa hats and stuff last night. I told Mike I think that they should be allowed to dress that way until Christmas. lol Jess and Davina came over when I first got there and I was like, "Wow! It's like I'm dreaming. And I wake up on Christmas morning and you two are under my tree." lol

I can already feel the holiday season passing so fast. I just want to reach out and stop the clock and enjoy the season a little longer, ya know? It seems like Thanksgiving was just last week. And now, just ten days til Christmas. And only eight days until Festivus. lol

Kyle mentioned the other day that he finds this time of year depressing. I think he was mainly referring to being single around this time of year. I can see the point, and it is nice when you have someone to share the holidays with, makes it even more special. But with all my family and some great friends, I can't help but feel blessed. It's hard for me to be unhappy this time of year, I just love it so much. However, it would be nice to have someone to go looking at Christmas lights with, watch classic Christmas movies with, decorate the tree with, etc. Oh well, such is life, my friends. It's the most wonderful time of the year. So no matter your situation, enjoy it. It only comes once a year.

Company Christmas party is Thursday...

"You're as slow as Christmas. I was up before the dawn. Up so fast I missed it, or was that old saying wrong. Every Christmas day makes every other day seem long. And what seemed would never get here has so quickly come and gone..."

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