Wednesday, November 12, 2003

We must unite!!

Greetings out there in BlogLand. I stand before you today, urging you to press on, continue striving for the goal. We must defeat the non-bloggers. Together, we can. I dream of a society where every single person has a blog, regardless of race, sex, or internet connection speed. America is founded on the very principles of life, liberty, and the right to blog... oh wait. LOL

Well, let's see, what went on yesterday? Napping won out over running (it's a constant battle). So I slept for about an hour and a half. Just about finished up laundry. Decided not to go out, because I wanted to see the Andy Griffith Reunion special on CBS. It was pretty good, just didn't last long enough.Don Knotts, Ron Howard, Jim Nabors, and Andy were on there. They talked about some of their favorite scenes, including Gomer's "citizens arrest!" ROFL That was a great one. Another interesting thing was they said the guy who played Otis (Hal Smith, I think was his name) never drank. But he sure played a good town drunk. What a great show.

After that, my sister called and said that Mom had made some Sloppy Joe's, so I went over there to eat dinner. It was good. Really hit the spot, because I was really tired of eating out all the time. Chatted with AMANDA a bit online when I got home. They just got back from New York a couple of weeks ago, so we chatted about that. She was asking who I went to Nashville with, and I was like Kyle. Here's the exchange that followed:

"Did him and Charlotte get married?"
"No, Corey married Charlotte."
"Oh, which one is Kyle?"
"He was the kinda asian-looking guy."
"Was he the one that cussed a lot?"
(so at this point I'm thinking, "I don't remember that" and I'm running thru what guys were on the trip... Shane, Corey, Jack, me, Kyle....)
"Uh.. yep, I guess that was probably him." ROFL

Wow, I didn't remember that, since that was like four and a half years ago. Oh well. Another great quote from last night:

"She doesn't know!"
"I told you, man. You only give these chicks one chance. See, now you've wasted nearly $4." ROFL

Watched a little of LETTERMAN as I was dozing off. Was that MADONNA on there? I couldn't tell, because my picture was all fuzzy and I was tired. Then Chris Elliott was on. He's funny, but he's a little bit "out there." That's about all I know for now. BIBLE STUDY tonight, then work. BILLIARDS tomorrow night most likely. N-VILLE on Saturday.

"Someone had to teach you. I didn't have the heart to, hurt you just like you'd been hurting me. Someone had to teach you, things it's time that you knew. Now maybe you'll be satisfied with me..."

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