Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Curb My Enthusiasm...

Sometimes I think I get too excited over little things. For example, I got my first "new" twenty last night. Oh man. What a thrill. Wooooohoooo. And I think I'm way too excited about the fact that they got all-new billiard balls at the place we play pool. lol

In other news, "the picture" is in. lol KYLE emailed it to me last night. Apparently, we're not going to publish it on the web, for various reasons. I will however have a life-size poster made and hanging in my bedroom. I'm also considering having a likeness of it painted on the hood of my truck. LOL

Received a hit from someone searching for "can you paint me a Birmingham." Clicked on it, and my blog was the only link which showed up. Cool. That is a cool song. I forgot one interesting tidbit of info from last night. As I was blogging, I decided to try out the spell-check. I had never used it before. Well the first suggestion for BELLSOUTH was a not-so-nice word sometimes signified by BS. Which, having worked for BELLSOUTH... well, I'll leave it at that. You can draw your own conclusions. But I'm like, OK, if you're that far off in your spelling, maybe you need a little more help than a spell-checker. Maybe blogging (writing, typing, etc.) isn't for you. LOL

Looks like APPLEBEES will happen at some point tonight. Ah, you didn't know APPLEBEES was also an event did ya? :-)

"Remember me when you're out walking. And the snow falls high outside your door. Late at night when you're not sleeping. And the moonlight falls across your floor. When I can't hurt you anymore..."

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