Tuesday, November 04, 2003

H is for hot... once again

Hot water problem has been fixed. Just a blown fuse. Sittin' here watching a special on HITLER on the history channel. I try not to watch this channel too much, because if I ever start watching something, it's hard to tear myself away. Later tonight, there's a special on the shuttle disasters. They just promoted it, and they were talking about the warnings of danger that went ignored. I think it starts at 9:00 Central. Should be good.

Work was so-so today. Everyone was lurking today, so I couldn't really blog much. I'm just like, "Don't you people have blog entries to write?" ROFL JON asked me this morning how things were at the compound, and I responded, "Asbestos level is at defcon-3." I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. I think Level 3 means to stay only if you really need a job. Level 4 is "You may sprout extra appendages." And Level 5 is called simply "Kevorkian." I'm not sure what that means. Wooooooo!!!

Lots going on in the news today. Looks like we lost another soldier in Iraq. The government has to pay Linda Tripp $595,000 for invading her privacy in the Monica scandal. Wow! Congress has approved billions and billions more for Iraq. Well, if you're gonna keep troops there, you gotta keep sending money to support them. Here is an interesting online poll I saw today:

Is the U.S. winning the war in Iraq?
45% No
32% Yes
22% It's unclear

What should the U.S. do next?
29% Develop a new plan
25% Get more help
23% Withdraw
23% Stay the course

How do you feel about the war since major combat ended?
58% More negative
30% About the same
13% More positive

My only comment is this: What are the 13% who feel more positive since major combat ended thinking--or should I say smoking?

OK, I'm bad-news'd-out, if that makes sense. Doing LAUNDRY today. The single life is good, my friends... I guess.

"The sandy beaches drift in time, and the changing tide I know, won't bring me back to yesterday, and the Gulf of Mexico..."

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