Monday, November 10, 2003

First tizzle with Jessica

Had dinner at APPLEBEES last night. Sat with JESSICA for the first time. It was sort of fitting, since yesterday was NATALIE'S last day, and JESSICA is taking her place in the rotation, know what I'm sayin'. Wow, it's like managing a baseball team. LOL She did a good job. Order was correct. Lemonade was free. That's pretty much all we ask. It was like musical waitresses though, because BETH, DAVINA, and KRISTINA were all working, so they took turns sitting and talking throughout the evening. I had the blackened whitefish. It was good, even though KYLE remarked that it looked like a frozen microwave meal. "Applebees, a tiny little division of Swanson." ROFL Some quotes from the evening:

"So what did you do last night?"
"I slept..."
"Oh, so you slept with Beth---uh, that didn't come out right."

"I haven't heard a peep from her since we went out."
"Uh, as the guy, I think you are the one who is expected to call. I don't know a lot about it, but I believe that is the way it usually works."
"Nah. Get outta here."
"OK...I think we may have just discovered a major reason you're still single."

"Yeah, if you charge them for their drinks they won't sit with you."
"Just ask Charity."
"She probably didn't know."
"Too bad. You get one chance, then you're out of the loop."

"Isn't there a football game on somewhere?"
"I didn't know you watched football."

"Uh, please don't do that anymore. That's like when you're a freshman in high school and you try to imitate the seniors so you can be cool like them."

Well, DALLAS hung on to win 10-6. Kinda pathetic, since they were playing BUFFALO, but winning ugly is better than losing pretty anyday I guess. Elliott won the race, and Kenseth clinched the points title. He's only won one out of like 35 races, but that's how it's set up. Looking forward to the Andy Griffith reunion special tomorrow night. LOL Seriouslah. That was really a good show. And Norm MacDonald is supposed to be on Letterman tonight, so I'll probably try to catch that on the televizzle. Pack and Philly on MNF. Eh.

I'm hopin' today will be PIZZA day at work. (Yes, it's the little things in life... lol) It used to be Friday, but the past couple of weeks, we've changed it to Monday. So we'll see how that goes. Wow, that's pretty sad right thur, lookin' forward to pizza for lunch.

"I'm wastin' my time, pretendin' I'm blind. It's not that hard once you get started. Convincin' myself there's nobody else. Actin' like I'm not broken-hearted. And tellin' my friends they're crazy when they say they saw you out last night. Cause baby, I know you would never lie..."

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