Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Seasonal Affective Disorder

OK, I've heard several people complain lately about having the "blahs" or having no energy or being depressed. Well, it's possible that you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as "winter depression." I know what you're probably thinking... "Bone, the weather hasn't even gotten cold yet." True, but from what little I know about the disorder, the shorter days and lack of sunlight have more to do with it than the cold temperatures. Anyway, here are some symptoms. See if it sounds like what you may be feeling:

Sleep Problems - oversleeping, but still tired; can't get out of bed; needing a nap in the afternoons
Overeating - carbohydrate craving leading to weight gain
Depression - despair; misery; guilt; anxiety; normal tasks become frustratingly difficult; hopelessness
Family problems - avoiding company; irritability; loss of libido; loss of feeling
Lethargy - feeling too tired to cope; everything an effort
Physical Symptoms - joint pain; stomach problems; lowered resistance to infection
Behavioral problems - especially in young people

As with any type of disease or disorder, each of these symptons could be symptoms of something else. For example, sleep problems could be an indication of some type of sleep disorder. Also, if you're depressed year round, it's not SAD. You may want to consult your doctor. Light therapy is often prescribed for this disorder, since the increase in darkness is one of the major causes. However, a little Seinfeld dialogue might bring you right out of it.

Kramer: "Nice wallet."
Newman: "Waaaalet."
Jerry: "What?"
K: (pulling something out of his pocket) "Jerry, nobody carries wallets anymore. They went out with powdered wigs. Yeah, see? Here's what you need. Just a couple of cards and your bankroll. See? Keep the big bills on the outside."
J: "That's a five."
(K gives J a "you got that right" wink)


It was raining just a bit ago. Just a nice, quiet, almost silent rain--the kind I love. It's rare that we get rain around here without storms. So when we do, I try to enjoy it. Still warm outside--around 80 I think. Looks like we might start cooling down Thursday or Friday. I was jamming to some OMD on the way home (yes, it's a personal problem). Off the hook!!!

"I touch you once. I touch you twice. I won't let go at any price. I need you now like I need you then. You always said we'd meet again. If you leave, I won't cry. I won't waste one single day. But if you leave, don't look back. I'll be running the other way. Seven years went under the bridge, like time was standing still..."

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