Friday, November 14, 2003

These blog titles are sometimes hard to come up with...

Wow, what a jam-packed night. Of the four things I listed yesterday, the only one I accomplished was PILATES. That was good though. I did get some hot chocolate, however. My sister made some. I buhnth my thung though. :-P Afterwards, I headed to KYLE'S. We went to shoot pool. BELLE and NICHOLE were working, and there is some new guy who knows to get us sweet tea and not to charge us for it, so that's cool. WES was up there too, just hanging out. I ended up losing 4 out of 7 games, and played pretty poorly. I think I have a serious concentration problem. We'll see how it goes back on the long tables Saturday. I really like Nashville... the Music City, the Titans, the BellSouth building. LOL It's cool.

After billiards, went to eat at APPLEBEES. Sat with BETH. I had the half-price chicken quesadillas. Lots of fun conversation as always, though I can't share most of it, because of "the reason." Turns out we had just missed JESSICA and JENNIFER, who had just left there going out for the night. On a serious note, DONNA came out from behind the bar and came up to the corner where we were and sat down beside me. She NEVER does that. So I was like "What's up?" She said she was upset, because her brother, KEN, is in the hospital in CHATTANOOGA with double pneumonia. He's in ICU, and she said he had taken a turn for the worse yesterday. She just wanted us to keep him in our thoughts. I truly hope and pray everything works out OK and he gets better. Talked to SHANE on the phone. He was telling me about a couple of things that were going on in NASHVILLE tomorrow that we might check out. Also ran by BAM for a couple of minutes after we left there. Got home a little after 10:30.

Random dialogue:
"Well if they had an indoor pool, I would go."
(strange look)
"Oh wait, you didn't invite me." ROFL

"I don't really think that would help."
"Whew. Good, cause I didn't really want to do that."

And in the news today. How well do you know your cute, friendly Wal-Mart associate?

Oh man, the phone is off the hook today here at work! Aaaargghh... I'm stressed. Ready for the weekend.

"You cannot quit me so quickly. There's no hope in you for me. No corner you could sqeeze me. But I got all the time for you, love..."

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