Monday, November 03, 2003

Cold Shower... brrrrrr

OK, most of you know how much I despise reality shows. But I just watched a bit of that "Average Joe" show. That was pretty kewl. That chick is a hottie, and she seems so sweet, too. Seems like I had so many thoughts to post, but my head has gone blank, as it tends to do when I'm about to blog, or when I'm about to approach a chick. LOL Also been watching a bit of MNF. Broncos are up 17-13 in the 3rd. I did go RUNNING this afternoon. Fixed dinner here at the house. Never hurts to save a little money. I returned a phone I had bought at WAL-MART about six weeks ago. Let me carry you back in time my friends. Here is a portion of the conversation I had with the BELLSOUTH rep when I was having phone line problems.

Me: "So it's my phone?"
Her: "Yes. There's nothing else we can do, unless we send someone out. And that's (some unbelievable amount of money) just to come out."
Me: "So there's no way it could be anything other than my phone."
Her: "Right. I'm showing that it's a bad phone."

So I go right down to WAL-MART and get me a new one. Didn't help. Later figured out it was the computer messing things up. So anyway, I had just been putting off taking the phone back (that's another story altogether...but I digress). But tonight after dinner, I packaged it up and took it back. One thing I have to say about WAL-MART. They don't give you any crap about returning things, or at least not nearly as much as a lot of other places. It's like "You got your receipt? When did you buy this, 1989? OK, here's your refund." ROFL Exaggerating a bit, of course.

In other news, my hot water heater is definitely out. lol I took a coooold shower after running this afternoon. Man, that's painful. I like it hot, hot, hot! So I put a call in to the people who run the compound. Hopefully, they will be out tomorrow. So for every girl who ever told me I needed a cold shower... that one was for you. lol

I was in one of my "discontent" moods this afternoon. Funny how I go so quickly from being sick and just wishing for my health to being such a malcontent. I fought it off quicker than I normally do though, so that's improvement, right? I read from Proverbs 23. It's pretty amazing to read the thoughts of the richest man who probably ever lived, talking about the vanity of riches and how fleeting they are. It really helped me. Often, I am tempted to want "more". Maybe that's true for a lot of people. Whatever we have, it seems like human nature to want a little more. After that little episode though, I was OK the rest of the evening. Then later tonight I experienced the clear providence of God, blessing me and giving me just what I needed. Wow! That really humbles you quickly. Well, it's gettin' late.

One final thought: Be honest. Lying is now (and probably already was) my #1 pet peeve. I hate lying. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. And I really think some people don't realize they do it. They lie. You confront them. They deny it. Wow. OK, thanks for letting me mini-rant.

"No I would not sleep in this bed of lies. So toss me out and turn in. And there'll be no rest for these tired eyes. I'm markin' it down to learnin'...."

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