Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Land Of Tasty Delights

Just got back from Ye Olde Establishment o' Tasty Delights, aka Applebees. LOL Sat with KRISTINA. KYLE came up there, too. We discussed "the picture" among other topics. Looks like we're gonna try to make the NASHVILLE thing a bi-weekly trip. Will that actually work out? Probably not. We'll see. But I do want to go more often. Had the buffalo ranch chicken sandwich thingy. CHARITY was up there, as were NATALIE and JANEKA. Nothing much happened. I've just finished up LAUNDRY. Just need to do a little ironing and put up some clothes. Napped for about an hour earlier this evening. Afterwards, had me one of them hot showers. Funny the things you take for granted.

In other news, be sure to watch the LETTERMAN tonight. He'll be talking about that new baby boy. Dave reportedly says, "First thing I took him home and dangled him over the balcony." LOL The top ten list should be good, too. Of course it usually is.

In other news, look out for this guy. Nine women!! Wow! What about the lady who had five cars and a house? I guess even in this day and age, smooth talkin' can still get you pretty furr.

And finally, I was reading KYLE'S BLOG today about the job losses. And then I saw this story. We've lost 2.6 million jobs since Bush took office. Wow! He would be the first President since the Great Depression to fail to add jobs to the economy during his term. Interesting article though. Looks like some jobs are expected to be added in the coming months. The thing is, we have to add like 2 million jobs a year just to keep up with the increasing population and potential workforce... as I understand it.

OK, I'm tired of being a news hound. I don't wanna hang up clothes tonight!!!! Can I be a sloppy bachelor just for tonight? I'm watching this shuttle special on History Channel. Pretty interesting.

"It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is over. And I never will forget, the day we met. Girl I'm gonna miss you..."

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