Sunday, November 02, 2003

It's the freakin' weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun...

Wow, what a Saturday. Sorry 'bout not posting, but I was gone from 10:30 in the morning til nearly 3:30 Sunday morning. After work, KYLE talked me into heading up to NASHVILLE. We stopped by APPLEBEES for a quick bite. Sat with BETH. I had the Kyle special. lol BETH said her and JESSICA were going to an 80's-themed HALLOWEEN party later. Kewl. Then it was off to the City of Music. Stopped off at SHANE'S. He wasn't there, so we told MELODY we were gonna head downtown to hang out for a bit. She said TAMMY and her roomate, CARA, were gonna be coming over later and they were grilling out. We got to BUFFALO BILLIARDS about 5:15 I think. It was my first time on the big tables in probably 8 or 10 years. It was very enjoyable though. The BILLIARDS weren't that bad. No one knocked in the 8 early or anything. lol I think I ended up winning 6 out of 8 games, although a couple of the last games got a little ragged. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had played really crappy the last couple of times we played, so it was good to win a few games. There were a couple of Hah-teeez working in thur. We played til around 6:45, then KYLE called MELODY and she said they had fired up the grill. TAMMY and CARA still weren't there, but we decided to head back anyway.

We were contemplating stopping off at COOL SPRINGS for a bit, but when I called, TAMMY answered and said they were waiting on us, so we aborted that trip. When we got there, TAMMY didn't quite remember me. So I reminded her of the DEF LEPPARD song from New Year's Eve 2001. She was like, "Oh yeah. I remember. We bonded that night." LOL They had grilled steak, moose, and pork chops. lol I had picked up some moose, and Shane was like, "Those small pieces are grilled moose." So I dumped that off my plate and I had the steak. lol Afterwards we had some pumpkin cheesecake that Tammy had brought. It was actually very good. Then we played this card game, called PHASE 10. Not that greatest game in the world, but TAMMY was feelin' pretty good, so it was fun. There were a lot of unrepeatable quotes. After that, it was like 12:30. We had to get home, but SHANE wanted to take some pictures of the group with his photography equipment. By the time he got everything set up and we took several shots, then we looked at them on the computer, it was about 1:15. The last picture we took is the funniest picture I think I have ever seen. I'm sure KYLE will post it on the web once SHANE emails it to him. I was laughing harder than I have ever laughed. I fell down right after the picture because I was laughing so hard. It was the funniest thing ever. Anyhow, we left, and KYLE and I had to stop off to get gas. So I ended up getting home around 3:20. Wow, that was late for me. Anyway, the entire day was a lot of fun. We'll have to do that more often.

"It won't be the first heart that you break. You won't be the last beautiful girl. The one that you wrecked won't take you back, if you were the last beautiful girl in the world..."

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