Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bloggin' away on a Thursday

Ddi yuo knwo I coudl tpye lkie thsi, adn yuo wuold stlil konw waht I'm tyrign to sya? Thta's bceuase teh brina olny lkoos at teh frist lteter in eahc wrod. Or smoetihng lkie taht.

We had the "DVD talk" yesterday at work. I guess my goal is to be the final person on planet Earth to have a DVD player, and also the last person to still have dial-up internet. LOL I've used my Xbox to play DVD's a few times. It works fine, no more than I rent movies. I still like to use the VCR occasionally to record shows and ball games and such. So once there is a practical, affordable DVD recorder, then I will have no choice but to capitulate.

Oh man, it's cold today. HOT CHOCOLATE weather. I want some!!!!! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas, put up a tree and lights and send out Christmas cards and go shopping and eat candy canes and pecans and Christmas cookies and, and... it's the most wonderful time of the year. My sister baked some oatmeal raisin cookies last night and gave me some while I was over there. They're very good. Looks like BILLIARDS tonight, as usual. That should be a good warm-up for Saturday's outing to NASHVILLE.

"No matter what your friends try to tell ya, we were made to fall in love. And we will be together, any kind of weather. It's like that, it's like that. Every little step I take, you will be there. Every little step I make, we'll be together..."

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