Saturday, November 15, 2003

Bone's Fat-Free Blog (with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of minutiae)

Blogging away while somebody somewhere is wondering if it is some sort of oxymoronish contradiction to put the phrase "Nutrional Information" on the back of a pack of pork rinds. ROFL

I was eating a bag of barbecue pork rinds yesterday and drinking a Mountain Dew. So I decide I'll read the nutrition facts, because I know they aren't healthy. Here's what I see:

Total fat: 4.5g (7%)
Saturated fat: 1g (5%)
Cholesterol: 10mg (3%)
Sodium: 430mg (18%)

Anyway, so I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, that's not too bad..." Until I notice Serving Size: 1/2 oz. Servings per container: About 4. I mean, it's a small bag. It was right there with the other single serve chips and stuff in the store. So basically, I have to multiply everything by 4. So that's like 72% of my RDV of sodium in about 30 minutes. LOL

Wow, I didn't know you could literally feel your blood pressure skyrocketing. And I think I physically felt my arteries clogging. That was kewl. It's a Festivus miracle! LOL

It was weird seeing the Moon out at 10 AM yesterday. For a moment, I thought it was Europa and I was having one of those weird dreams where I wake up on Jupiter.

Phone call from yesterday afternoon:
"Hey... you asleep?"
(big laugh) "So there's like no repercussions there for sleeping on the job?"
"Apparently not." ROFL

Went running after work. It was cold, but I braved the elements. Came home, napped for about an hour, then showered and went to D-town. Went and played BILLIARDS with KYLE. We split 6 games. WES, BELLE, JANICE, and others were working. I had a sandwich there. After that, cruised to the mall to get a card and gift for my sister's birthday. Got a card. No luck with a gift. I'll have to look today. Went to APPLEBEES. Sat with BETH. I had a couple of cups of hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Have I mentioned how much I love that stuff? DAVINA was up there, as were KELLY, JADE, DEVIN, ABBY, and JESSICA. KRISTINA and NATALIE also came up there, although they were off. Asked about DONNA'S brother, but BETH said she hadn't heard anything. Went to BAM after that. AMBER called, so I stood outside and talked to her while KYLE looked for some book. MOM called while I was there, too, and I ended up having to go help move a TV and some other stuff. Got home around 11:45.

I guess I'm about to head out to NASHVILLE today. Planning to shoot some BILLIARDS up there, run by the mall, and check out the downtown scene. Have a happy Saturday.

"The love we share seems to, go nowhere. And I've lost my light. For I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night. Once I ran to you. Now I run from you. This tainted love you've given. I give you all a boy could give. You take my tears and that's not nearly all. Oh, tainted love..."

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