Monday, November 03, 2003

Links added...

OK, got the links added for Jeremy's blog (listed as "Namie") and Fake Peterman No. 9a, which is a Seinfeld-related blog. And any Seinfeld-related blog is OK by me.

George: "I got the job?"
Mr. Thomassolu: "George, everybody here at Play Now is very impressed with you, but I'm sure you've heard that."
G: "Well....... no."
Mr. T: "I don't want you to think that anyone's gonna treat you any different because of your handicap."
G: "Handicap? No, I'm not handicapped."
Mr. T: "I'm sorry.. advantaged?"
G: "No, I didn't mean that."
Mr. T: "Of course you will have your own private fully-equipped bathroom."
G: "When do I start?"

Had DOMINO'S for lunch. Mmmmm...yummee!! It was a nice slow day at work, which I needed. I'm about to go RUNNING and try to lose some of this pizza. MNF tonight...Pats and Broncs. Should be a decent game, although I'm not sure who will be quarterbacking the Broncs. Alright that's it for now. Forest is going for a run.

"We are bound by all the rest. The same phone number. All the same friends, and the same address. Yes it's true, yes it's true, I'm so happy to be stuck with you."

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